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Gooden grabs hold of his foe to get his wits about him, and Brown shoves him away and pops him with jabs from afar. ; Rodriguez Odds. This is the weight class where Dern has excelled, going in her career, including a run that has saw her win 4 in a row prior to this one. Two jabs and a right hand from Brown crash into the chin, and Gooden takes them all and an uppercut for good measure.

Rodriguez spins her out and frees herself, where she stands in front of Dern and kicks her in the chest. It is important to note that any duplicate accounts created, or any account associated to you will be disabled and funds or winnings can be forfeited. Help Center Still not sure what to do? The odds are a strong indicator of that.

Nicolau continues to lift Elliott easy bets you will always win and slam him on the mat again and again until the tight grip that the American holds is released. Elliott punches his way towards a takedown dern vs rodriguez odds some sort, and Nicolau works the body only to get pressed into the wire.

Nicolau has been very strong of late and has won 6 of his last 7 fights. Brown loads up on a right hand, and he hurts Gooden with 10 seconds left on the ground. Gooden catches him with a punch, and then kicks the leg a few times to make Brown hobble around. However, I envisage that plan backfires as I see a round 1 knockout for Steve Garcia here as I just see him folding Ontiveros inside the opening minutes, in a display to likely earn himself a post-fight bonus.

Rodriguez lands an elbow that is not quiteand not quite to the spine, and she checks with Smith to make sure it was legitimate. UFC APEX ; Time. When I first caught a glimpse of Alexandr Romanov, I thought this is a man that will run through the Heavyweight division.

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UFC Fight Night: Dern vs. She has multiple armbar wins but can also sink in chokes. Gooden remarkably takes a flush kick on the chin, and he wobbles but does not go down. Contact Us.Rising players in the division Mackenzie Dern and Marina Rodriguez are set to meet in the main event. It's not a good plan for long-term success, but it will certainly keep opening the doors to multiple opportunities for himself.

Rodriguez looks to sit up, and Dern allows her to do this so she can claim full mount. Dern swings recklessly while Rodriguez is composed and landing cleanly, light on her feet and dancing out of the way while working the body. Dern has yet to land a single blow in the round, while Rodriguez kicks her legs and body indiscriminately.

6. Elliott closes with a high guard, and Nicolau lifts him up and slams him down to break the grip.

dern vs rodriguez odds

Newer post. He is a perfect with 13 stoppage wins, 9 by the way of submission. If she stuffs Dern early, she can tee off on her Brazilian counterpart as she wears and put her away. Elliott grins at him, gets punched in the face, and continues to wobble and hop around strangely. Brown celebrates what he thinks is a knockout blow, but when the fight continues and Gooden comes at him with fast hands, Brown slows down and measures himself. If you need to discuss this issue further, please contact us at To have your account enabled or for additional information, please contact our Customer Service team.

Sherdog Scores Jay Pettry scores the round: Rodriguez Brian Knapp scores the round: Rodriguez Tristen Critchfield scores the round: Rodriguez Round 2 Rodriguez is the first to engage to start the second round, with a front kick and one to the legs. Gooden tosses Brown down to the mat, and a wild scramble ensues while they try to land strikes on each other from odd angles.

Rodriguez gets off a leg kick and sees the looping punches from Dern whiz past her, which come much slower as Dern may be fatiguing. Gooden walks him down with a huge right hand cocked back, while Brown puts three, four, five punches together while Gooden reels. Brown goes after a spinning kick to the head when Gooden charges at him, and Brown falls over but Gooden does not give chase.

By Fiona Simmons. He is now at overall. Approx. See draftkings. The second play is a saver on Dern by round 1 submission. Fight result (2-way line): Dern (bet $ to win $) | Rodriguez + (bet $ to win $) ; Over/Under: rounds (Over | Under. Dern is a one-dimensional fighter who happens to be very good at that one dimension. Rodriguez ; Marina Rodriguez, + BET HERE ; Fighter, Odds ; Randy Brown, BET HERE ; Jared Gooden, + BET HERE.

booksaveur.com › mma › news › ufc-fight-night-dern-vs-rodriguez-od. 53 % ; Rodriguez wins by TKO/KO. Brown continues to throw kicks while his foot is compromised, and his leg is as well as it has swelled up significantly. Elsewhere on the card, Randy Brown and Jared Gooden will meet in a clash of welterweight prospects. He will however, have the advantage on the feet as he does have somewhat underrated kickboxing and cardio.

Rodriguez Odds, Schedule, Predictions 0 of 4. Gooden goes low with kicks to chip at the longer legs of his foe, and he swings a right hand that misses by inches. Dern crashes forward with 30 seconds to go for a takedown try, and Rodriguez stops it without concern before framing off to knee Dern in the face. When Elliott lands one, Nicolau strings three together and stuffs a takedown attempt as they drop to their knees.

I like Mazo with the submission win. Nicolau blocks a high kick and watches as Elliott awkwardly hops towards him with his leg in the air. Brown can barely stand, but he still manages to throw a right hand and several jabs. UFC Fight Night: Dern vs. Otherwise, she is going to be walking into strikes and will eventually be put away. A few punches from Nicolau land behind the head, and he adjusts his angle as Elliott turns his head. Conversely, Nicolau is just starting his second stint with the organization and could have a higher ceiling.

On the flipside, you have Winn, who is coming off a victory, but that one snapped a modest 2-fight losing skid. Right now, he's coming off back-to-back wins. Elliott takes a few more body shots, and his elbow drops to defend these strikes. Rodriguez keeps her backpedaling with punches, and a body kick slams into the midsection as check keno ticket michigan. Gooden pummels the leg with his kick, and he catches an oncoming kick.

Dern comes dern vs rodriguez odds swinging, landing a few times while Rodriguez aims counters at her. Gooden has never met an exchange he isn't willing to get into. Rodriguez ; +, +, + ; n/a, n/a, n/a. Gooden backs off and moves his head enough to avoid most of the damage, but he is hurting right before the horn blares. Dern sits up in this mount so she can not aim for a submission but land ground-and-pound, and she has Rodriguez in all sorts of danger as he takes damages.

Tim Elliott via Unanimous Decision, Randy Brown Brown is still steamed, and referee Herb Dean will do his best to keep a lid exclusive no deposit bonus codes this fight after they do not touch gloves. (+ / ) ; Venue. 22 % ; Rodriguez wins by decision. Before that, it was three losses in a row to tough opponents in Brandon Royval, Askar Askarov and Deiveson Figueiredo.

Brown rocks his foe with a right hand, and he follows up with a few punches until Gooden boots him in the body and may have hurt his own foot when he lands. His opponent Jared Vanderaa is a mediocre Heavyweight. Dern stands back up and tries to push Rodriguez against the wall, pummeling and getting kneed in the body.

Rodriguez Card & Odds ; 10/09, Marina Rodriguez, + ; 10/09 · Mackenzie Dern, ; 10/09, Jared Vanderaa, + ; 10/09 · Alexander. Both come into this fight at and both have seen their last 5 fights bookended by losses to go Mazo usually fights as a Bantamweight but is making a move here that could actually be a better fit for her. Simply put, if Dern gets this to the mat in the first or second round she should win.

Referee Mark Smith watches on for the final fight of the day, and there is no touch of gloves to begin. Nicolau stays away until the bell sounds. Marina Rodriguez (+, bet $ to win $) · Randy Brown () vs. Rodriguez comes forward with a one-two that falls short, and she chases Dern around the cage with a front kick to the midsection. While this might seem like a questionable choice for a headline event, this is an intriguing matchup between opposing styles and could serve as a title eliminator in what has become an increasingly competitive women's strawweight division.

Reset Your Password. The headline event of the night is a Strawweight bout between a pair of fighters who very seldom lose. I truly see Ontiveros charging at Garcia before trying to land a one-shot knockout. One such exchange forces Brown to stumble, and Gooden leaps on his back but cannot keep it or even hold Brown for long before Brown powers to his feet.

Email address Please type in a valid email address. As soon as he presents his lead leg again, Gooden slams his shin into it again. Randy Brown has a couple of losses across his last 5 fights, but he still has an impressive pro record of That said, he would like to start putting together consecutive wins again. Rodriguez stays light on her feet, getting off a superman punch and best lottery tickets to play popping body kick.

Dern breaks the grip, and Rodriguez rolls to her knees to try to get up. Gooden looks to set up another leg kick, and Brown answers this by landing several jabs. The first bet will be Rodriguez to win by knockout. Carla Esparza took her down five times when they met. Marina Rodriguez: Women's Strawweight · Fight result (2-way line): Dern (bet $ to win $) | Rodriguez + (bet $ Online sportsbook Bovada has released the Dern vs Rodriguez odds with Mackenzie listed as the favorite and Marina the + underdog.

She's a skilled grappler with a strong resume in jiu-jitsu, including a gold medal at the ADCC World Championships. Rodriguez defends from any submission danger and kicks off the fence, where Dern is happy to take north-south control before taking the side. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. However, that isn't likely to be an issue against Dern, who is not a strong takedown artist.

By Angel Hristov.Written by Henry Watkins on October 8, Over the past few weeks, we have seen the UFC deliver some earlier events, which will once again be the case this coming Saturday. Rodriguez stays patient and rolls to the side, where she still has her arm stuck between the legs but it not nearly as dangerous as before.

Jared Gooden via Unanimous Decision, Neither woman has ever been finished, and they will look to keep it that way as they have five rounds to settle their business. Tim Elliott is never going to fight for the title at flyweight. A submission win over Alex Oliveira was a step in the right direction to correcting that, but there are definitely bigger challenges ahead.

Brown reaches out with jabs as Gooden charges him like a bull, and he tries to time a jump knee that just misses the chin as Brown walks away thinking the fight may be over. Ontiveros will look like the bigger man but he has serious durability issues that make this a horror match up. Dern follows her and tries to set up a crucifix, with a straight armlock solely with her legs. Rodriguez kicks off the wall, and Dern holds on tight and rolls her back over in to the high mount.

I am on Brown to get the win here. Gooden lands a single kick but ducks away as Brown is on him. We get the main card rolling with a Middleweight bout that I think looks to be a little less than evenly matched. She has won 3 of her last 4 that way and her grappling credentials are as good as it gets. Eligibility restrictions apply. Four punches and a low kick come from the Brazilian, who does not see any response from Dern. Save my information.

Dern comes into the bout riding a four-fight win streak after suffering her first and only defeat in October The submission specialist has drawn the tap from three of her last four opponents and will look to do the same to Rodriguez. Fight result (2-way line): Dern (bet $ to win $) | Rodriguez + (bet $ to win $) ; Over/Under: rounds (Over | Under.

Please enter your email and we will send you a link for resetting your password. In the clinch exchange, Smith warns Dern for grabbing the fence. Dern walks forward continually, but Rodriguez is there to land with impunity. Dern is fast withdrawal casino a four-fight win streak, with three of those four wins coming by lucky slots win real money round submission.

Rodriguez dodges and counters when Dern ambles towards her, and she circles away instead of walking straight back so that Dern can grab her. Elliott tries to get his foe to throw down with seconds to go before the final bell, but Nicolau largely defends himself and backs away to cruise to what he thinks is a decision win. This causes Dern to shoot in on her, but she gets stood up and punched in the face when Rodriguez breaks with her.

Elliott rushes in for a takedown try, clinching Nicolau up and pushing him into the fence. After 30 seconds or so to recover, Dern is good to go and takes the center of the cage. Dern is to win at BetMGM, while Rodriguez is + UFC Fight Night: Dern vs. The American marches forward relentlessly, only to take punches and a head kick.

dern vs rodriguez odds

Cheapest roulette tables in vegas Well-Poised to Boost […]. A punch and a kick knock Gooden back, but he regains his composure and marches forward to target the body. Gooden kicks the other leg when it is ready to be kicked, and as soon as Brown switches stances back to orthodox, Gooden is there to kick it.

Odds courtesy of FanDuel Sportsbook as of October 4, in the latest Dern vs. The hopping around of Elliott leads to his liver getting pounded by the Brazilian, and when his leg is in the air, Nicolau blasts through to hit a double leg takedown of his own. It does not take more than a few seconds for Dern to attack a leglock, sweep Rodriguez and put her on her back. The Brazilian pulls back before closing in, and Dern flails wildly with a spinning back fist that makes her fall into the fence.

Rodriguez lands a range-finding kick to the body, and she again is out of the way when Dern tries to dern vs rodriguez odds it back to her. From a distance, Rodriguez sweeps out with a kick, and she ducks back when Dern throws a strike at her. After a bit of an uneven start to his pro career, Hawes has settled in brilliantly and comes into this fight having won each of his last 7 bouts. The first time around he went in the bantamweight division with a first-round knockout loss to Dustin Ortiz representing his final fight with the organization.

20 % ; Dern wins by decision. Rodriguez, on the other hand, is a little more well-rounded. Casino Arizona, the self-described hottest destination for gaming, dining, and entertainment in the valley will add new sports betting solutions to its offering. Dern springs up, and she rushes forward but Rodriguez is well out of the way and avoids a kick. Next up on the main card is a Flyweight bout that features a fighter trying to work his way back to winning ways.

The. Mackenzie Dern vs. Elliott is likely to employ a wrestling-centric game plan to create scrambles where he thrives. Rodriguez loads up on a big right hand, and Dern ducks it easily. Rodriguez snatches up with a brabo choke from her back, and Dern scrambles but she is surprisingly trapped. This does not appear to be affecting him as he is willing to throw kicks right when the third round begins, as he kicks at the leg with a stomping strike.

Opening Odds for UFC Vegas 39: Dern vs. Rodriguez

What a fight. What he does seem to have is an endless supply of aggression. Related Topics: las vegas nevada picks sports ufc usa. Rodriguez is hot keno numbers massachusetts is coming into this one on the heels of back-to-back wins, although she more commonly fights at Flyweight.

Dern to win by SUB is + (50%) and Rd. 1 is + I would argue that on the dern vs rodriguez odds line, Rodriguez may be the smarter bet because she is slightly more proven.The Brazilian tags Elliott with a few punches, and he decides to aim to the body when Elliott moves his head out of the way. Dos Anjos Who Will Win?

Welcome Back! Several chopping kicks to the leg for Rodriguez are followed by a crisp knee to the liver, and Dern reels and then takes a spinning back kick to the same spot. A theft report came in on June […]. The Brazilian punches his way out, but Elliott kicks off and gets back to his feet. A brief eye poke stoppage — one that Brown claims was from a knuckle — leads to a very brief stoppage.

Dern wins by submission. Dern and Rodriguez find themselves in similar spots in their careers, but they arrived here in different ways. Unfortunately for Vanderaa, his takedown defense is not up to standard and Romanov should take him down and suffocate him before long, literally. If it gets to the mat early and Dern has a couple of minutes to work, I expect her to catch an arm and put Rodriguez away. He is, however, a competitor for Fight of the Night every time he steps in the cage.

Please Try Again. He is a massive man, who is almighty strong and has wrestling and submission skills. Dern again presses the action to put Rodriguez against the wall, and she fails for a throw to land on her back. Her jiu-jitsu and submission game is a threat to anyone on the mat with her. Brown has shown plenty of potential, but he just can't seem to get over the hump of quality competition.

Strike vs. Grappler

  1. The odds for this match are provided by Caesars Sportsbook. Click on the odds below to head to Caesars.
  2. Jump to navigation. It's Mackenzie Dern against Marina Rodriguez in what should be a cracking match up. In the co-main.
  3. In the main event, Mackenzie Dern takes on Marina Rodriguez with the winner likely to be about one.
  4. Rising players in the division Mackenzie Dern and Marina Rodriguez are set to meet in the main event. Dern.
  5. Read on for our Dern vs. In a general sense, although both dangerous everywhere and by all means have.
  6. GETON is not a bonus code and does not grant access to additional offers. Min deposit requirement. Free Bets are.
  7. Both fighters are looking to establish their name further in the strawweight division but only one will be able.
  8. Written by Henry Watkins on October 8, Over the past few weeks, we have seen.

+ ; Over/Under. She's successfully translated that into the cage. Gooden comes in with an mark and was able to bounce back with a win last time out after losing 2 in a row.

dern vs rodriguez odds

Marina Rodriguez Odds ; Dern Odds. This should be a great fight, but I have Dern winning by submission. A quick head kick drills Dern in the face, and punches that follow mark her up a bit. This is thanks to a deal the operator has inked with OpenBet, a leading provider of sportsbook tech. Therefore, I am going to recommend two bets on this fight to cover both outcomes I see occurring.

In short, it wouldn't be a shock if she wins this one by submission. Elliott is the man, and you have to say that he is on his way to recovery. The Brazilian lands to the leg of Dern, and Dern charges in with a right hand before clinching up with her opponent.

Dern vs Rodriguez Betting Breakdown

Instead, Gooden lets Brown up so that he can push him into the wall, where he knees him and lands a few punches. Gooden doesn't have the same ceiling. Thanks for contacting us, We will call you shortly. She averages 4. The feints are drawing reactions out of Dern, who stumbles back when Rodriguez throws at her.

Nicolau lands some ground-and-pound until Elliott closes his guard again, and Herzog asks them to keep working. The takedown entries are unsuccessful as Nicolau ducks out of the way and showboats a little in response. GLI has hired a duo of executives to help the company keep up with its day-to-day operations. It will be the ladies who take the headline event in this one, with a total of 5 fights set for the main card.

When Brown falls over from a kick, he blasts back to his feet and leaps in the air with a flying kick. Join Newsletter.Mackenzie Dern and Marina Rodriguez face off in an intriguing matchup between opposing styles, which could be a title eliminator in an increasingly competitive women's strawweight division. I like Hawes to get this one done with the KO. These women are stunningly similar when compared side to side.

This decision is irreversible and is based on information you provided us. He has been MP continuously since June Since December last year, he assumed the role of a shadow Minister of Levelling Up. Gambling addiction can be devastating and not just for the people who suffer directly from it, as with any addiction, people are ready to steal to fuel money laundering analyst salary problem behavior.

Gooden is a reckless striker with 14 of his 18 wins coming by either knockout or submission. One last knee from Rodriguez ends the round. Not all residents took the news of a […]. Rodriguez odds from Caesars Sportsbook. Need help resetting your password? Mackenzie Dern vs. Must Read. 17 %. We have the Welterweights stepping into the octagon next for what is the co-main event of the night. Rodriguez pressures Dern back and lands what is the minimum age to trade stocks right hand, where she successfully evades a counter punch.

He went on a run that saw him lose 3 in a row, but he has since won back-to-back fights. Rodriguez tags Dern again with a right, and she knees Dern in the chest before the bell sounds. Her opponent, Marina Rodriguez, is looking increasingly impressive over the past year, winning her last two fights over Michelle Waterson and more recently, a complete domination over hot prospect Amanda Ribas.

Dern steps over to a shoulder, and before she can hook up a straight armbar from above, the dominant round ends. Older post. However, Nicolau is the better striker and should be able to counter him regularly enough to ultimately take the decision. When Nicolau drills Elliott in the chin with a right hand, Elliott smiles and nods, but his subsequent takedown try comes up short. Here's a look at the complete schedule with odds and a preview of the three biggest fights on the card.

Elliott stings his opponent with a left hand, and Nicolau gives him one back and then another for good measure. See who we think has the edge in our UFC picks and predictions. Brown reacts every time he absorbs one, and he winds up with uppercuts and wide punches. Here are our best free Dern vs. Rodriguez continues to attack the body with punches and kicks, and she strings together three punches that land flush.

She has had issues with takedown defense in the past. Dern vs rodriguez odds Scores Jay Pettry scores the round: Brown Brian Knapp scores the round: Brown Tristen Critchfield scores the round: Brown Round 3 Once more between rounds, the audience is treated to what could have contributed to foot injury for Brown, as his toe gets caught in the cage after a kick on the replay. Live odds courtesy of the Covers Line, an average comprised of odds from multiple sportsbooks.

Start a Live Chat. Rodriguez pushes off the fence and uses the momentum to knee Dern in the body, and she fights with an unusual elbow grab to twist Dern and disallow her from completing a single leg takedown. When Gooden comes at him, Brown tries to step on his own toes to fix his foot, and when he does this, Gooden tags him with a right hand.

When the torrid battle concludes, the two gladiators settle their differences and offer respect to one another after a hard-fought contest. Rodriguez frames her off and goes for a Thai clinch to knee her in the face, and she breaks after a single one. Mackenzie Dern vs. Brown is nothing if not a finisher. He has six knockouts and five submissions in his 13 career wins.

By Jessie Carter. Sherdog Scores Jay Pettry scores the round: Rodriguez Brian Knapp scores the round: Rodriguez Tristen Critchfield scores the round: Rodriguez Round 4 Rodriguez begins the round in style with a sharp one-two, and Dern swings for the fences and misses. Elliott crowds Nicolau and cracks him with a left hand, and he backs off just in time to avoid a home run punch. Forgot Password? Gambling problem? Sherdog Scores Jay Pettry scores the round: Nicolau Brian Knapp scores the round: Nicolau Tristen Critchfield scores the round: Nicolau Round 3 They clap hands to start off the last round, and Nicolau comes out firing with a blitzing combination.

UFC Fight Night | Dern vs Rodriguez | UFC

Sherdog Scores Jay Pettry scores the round: Dern Brian Knapp scores the round: Dern Tristen Critchfield scores the round: Dern Round 3 The strawweights meet in the center of the cage, and Rodriguez leads the dance and tries to get off a right hand over the dern vs rodriguez odds. The news came after the mayor originally denied reports that the corporation had won the battle against Hard Rock International and Rush Street Gaming.

Mackenzie Dern (, bet $ to win $) vs. Here are some great Australian sports betting sites where you can bet on a range of sports and racing markets! The year-old Elliott has been a wildcard in the flyweight division in the UFC. He's had two stints in the organization in which he has hovered around a. I do like Nicolau to get the win in this one, but he might need to go the distance to do it. New to MyBookie?

Matheus Nicolau is going to get the opportunity to show his ceiling is higher than that on the main card. Jared Gooden (+) · Tim Elliott (+) vs. Brown starts jawing at his foe and reaching playlive casino sign up bonus with long punches and a body kick, while Gooden is committed to the leg kicks.

I do see top control ground and pound as the likely route to victory for Romanov but I would prefer the safer route of him getting a round 1 finish as his submission skills are as much of a present threat. Gooden instead gives chase as Brown backs up, absorbing leg kicks that are hurting him. Like earlier in the round, Nicolau stops it and pushes off, where he can work the body again.

Rodriguez tags Dern with a few punches, and Dern sprints forward and kicks the body in an attempt to take the fight down. Dern tries to grab the knee on the way down, allowing Rodriguez to elbow her and punch her in the face.

dern vs rodriguez odds

Odds via DraftKings Sportbook. They instead come out firing, with Brown aiming high kicks as Gooden loads up with heavy fists. He's a volume striker with little to no defense. As Brown kicks the body, a punch knocks him off his feet. This is a pure striking fight and I absolutely love what the UFC matchmakers have put together here. An effective front kick touches the chin of Nicolau, who avoids three more that come at him one after the other.

Brown escapes further damaging by backing off when Gooden wings punches at him, and he keeps range with his jab.

UFC Fight Night: Dern vs. Rodriguez Betting Odds & Picks | MyBookie

UFC betting lines have the grappler Dern installed as a favorite while the striking specialist Rodriguez comes back at + Here are our.UFC Vegas 39 betting: Breaking down Mackenzie Dern vs. UFC Fight Night: Dern vs. Marina Rodriguez Dern to win by SUB is + (50%) and Rd. 1 is + I would argue that on the money line, Rodriguez may be the smarter bet because she is slightly more proven. Rodriguez ; Marina Rodriguez, + BET HERE ; Fighter, Odds ; Randy Brown, BET HERE ; Jared Gooden, + BET HERE.

He averages 3. I believe that the singlest biggest advantage for Rodriguez in this fight is her patient, voluminous striking approach. Check out our UFC betting tips below! The collaboration will see the company sponsor the club and work on a number of mutually-beneficial and fan-focused initiatives.

Jay Pettry Oct 9, Comments. Mackenzie Dern Marina Rodriguez Randy Brown Matheus Nicolau

Rodriguez has just one defeat on her record as well, a split-decision loss to Carla Esparza in July However, she has rebounded nicely with back-to-back wins over Amanda Ribas and Michelle Waterson. Rodriguez scores a few jabs as backs Dern away, and she counters a Dern jab with a solid overhand right. Brown shrugs at him, and starts showboating by holding one hand high in the air. The co-main event may leave a lot to be desired in terms of stakes, but it profiles as a fun fight.

Sherdog Scores Jay Pettry scores the round: Brown Brian Knapp scores the round: Brown Tristen Critchfield scores the round: Brown Round 2 Between rounds, Brown needs his toes to get ice, as they have taken some damage from kicking Gooden in the face. Rodriguez lands cleanly with leg kicks and punches, and they kick at the same time.

Dern tries to duck a punch and shoot in, but Rodriguez sees it coming across the cage and stops her in the tracks with a right hand. Elliott begins to knee the thigh while Nicolau is intent on breaking apart, and after a few right hands. Rodriguez has a one-two land on the end of her punches, and she does not advance too far so that Dern can grab hold of her. Help Center. Brown begins to start cursing at his opponent, and he spins with a back fist while the ESPN censors have to work overtime.

He is able to continue, but Gooden quickly is there to kick at his damaged legs.