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Everyone does. Fox Super 6 is really easy to play – and the FOX Bet Super 6 app is available for iOS in the Apple Store and on Android in the Google Play Store.

FOX Bet introducing free-to-play game centered around the stock market

  1. Although the brand name is new, The Stars Group already had an online sportsbook available. Resorts.
  2. Do you like a chance to win FREE money? Everyone does. PA online sportsbooks will certainly welcome this F2P option.
  3. Submit your free entries for a chan Table of Contents : 1. Reviews 2.
  4. Written by Stars Mobile Limited. Terry is challenging America to compete for his money this.
  5. There is a lot of stuff about the games you watch regularly. Apart from the.
  6. The collaboration marked the first of its kind - a U. FOX Bet could potentially add.
  7. Fox Bet Super 6 is a great way to test your sports knowledge and is free to play..
  8. There is a lot of stuff about the games you watch regularly. Apart from the fun, you get.

And how will I be paid and when Reply. What is the Fox Bet Super 6 App? Author Recent Posts. Had 6 for 6, app said first of , on MSU Iowa hoop. I recently got first out of or so and have never got a cent. It gives you points for the questions you answered correctly. I won on the Yankees vs Boston an they took it down and didnt pay me. Every Sunday me and my family look forward to all the hard work you guys put in and enjoy every minute of it keep up the good work guys your number one fans the Luna family.

Stock market challenge, The cue says "Follow Live" so why after the challenge individually completes they Fox not go in and update the challenges? Lauriece Turner on January 5, at pm. Cause it would hurt me if Terry Bradshaw is lying to the people in this world at this time. For this game you need to answer correctly six questions about the same game.

E-Mail: [email protected]. Check out the daily app ranking, rank history, ratings, features and reviews of top apps like FOX Bet Super 6 on ios Store. What do I need to do to get all my stuff lined up and start collecting my winnings Reply. Love the app! Just hoping and praying I would when some money to help with my bills and by the grace of God I won Well as it turns out that's all it said I won. Even though the platform is specific to a handful of US states with legal online sports betting, bettors can expect to find a very healthy selection of international leagues to bet on.

FOX Bet Super 6 is free to play, and you have the chance to win thousands in jackpot and guaranteed prizes weekly by predicting the outcome of NFL. Download FOX Bet Super 6 and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Next stop betting….

Fox bet super 6 nascar app FOX Bet Super 6 for PC and MAC
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This has worked in the past for DraftKings Sportsbook and FanDuel Sportsbook PAwho have an enormous user base and database, which allows for them to advertise and market other products. Thank u. Just read alot of these comments and just like I was assuming this app is just a big scam to increase ratings. I played the Nascar Stage 2 Contest this past Sunday March 20 submitted my six picks got confirmation of my picks. Games were half over before I could get live results yesterday.

NASCAR Toyota Save Mart Super Six Picks

predict the outcome of NASCAR, NBA, College Hoops, Stock Markets, and Pop Culture. Fox Bet Super 6 Duramax. NASCAR is in Delaware this weekend for the DuraMAX Drydene The Fox Bet Super Six app has a $5, free contest.FOX Bet Super 6 Data on FOX Bet Super 6 and other apps by Stars Mobile Limited. You have problems with the app FOX Bet Super 6 and you are looking for suitable solutions to fix the errors? Then find out in this post what you can do if.

Fun way to be apart of a game you love. Usually I'm in the top third.

FOX Bet has launched in New JerseyColorado, Pennsylvaniaand Michiganwhich are four states that have hit the ground running in the legal sports betting market. Early returns have been promising.

Would very much appreciate support or help just not available- very disappointing for an avid fan. Would very much appreciate support or help just not available- very disappointing for an avid fan. What is the process for me to claim my prize. If this is a fake app I hope that enough people will start to complain and force them to take it down.

Overall, we are very impressed with the range and value of the bonuses and promos available at FOX Bet. First things first, this is a mobile platform through and through. Only one problem. Bonus offer availability varies by location and changes frequently.

FOXBET / FOX BET SUPER 6 / SIX Win Earn Money Cash Rewards Paypal App Apps Game Review Youtube Video

So my question is - Did I lose my winnings because I set up pay pal wrong????? Been trying to get my pick in for 3 days for today's race and it is blank won't let me do anything so I am deleting the app and will give bad reviews. The query length is limited to 70 characters. It happened, look up fox Christmas halftime show, bradshaw announced winner of super6 house giveaway when the second half still hadn't been played yet. You get a number of windows to choose from blackjack payout test for example points, points, points, 22 or more points.

Gilbert Annis on January 1, at pm. Go to phone app to take screen shot, and account is gone. Then told had to split with other winners. Please consult each sportsbook directly to confirm the availability of the bonus offers featured on this page. Home » Fox Bet Super 6. My point spreads were spot on. NBA Team Salaries. Odds are competitive with industry standards across all bet types, and local teams are often offered with reduced juice, just because FOX Bet apparently likes doing things differently.

I picked 6 out of 6 correctly on the Nascar race onme and 3, other people. Yet still till this day I have not receive not anything at all. What am I doing wrong Reply. It also said I would get an email for my information that I never received. Like showing how many correct when you click on your profile.

I decided to view my picks. Do not worry. You can access the FOX Bet sportsbook from your desktop, but it was designed as an app first. NASCAR Cup Series. Zach Rainey. So I don't understand I took screen shots of each page with my results showing that my picks were correct. They said they would contact me within 48hrs.

Y'all fox super six at p. Kevin Stepanek on March 24, at pm. You have to pick the right team first and then the right range for whatever the action is…. Could you please correct this?? Cant delete account. Only one problem. Now 2k disappears from app but not in my paypal. Got 6 out of 6 right on the season finale masked singer said I was 1st out of k people. E-Mail: [email protected]. You fox bet super 6 nascar app check out our Thursday Night Football predictions here.

The only negative is that they have partnered with Paypal. You must be 18 years of age or older. Want to win free cash? I have seen from the comment this happens alot. Then you can input your answers for the latest and upcoming rounds of Super 6. Thank you. Stephen Stanton on November 21, at pm. Fox bet super 6 is fake people. FOX Bet Super 6 works most of the time. I did just that. It can also help for beginners to sports or people who may be at that same watch party that have no vested interest at all.

Darren V Stull on May 31, at pm. It's quite unfortunate that too many people have fallen victim to the vast array of online frauds, resulting in large losses some accountable to life — changing consequences. FOX Bet Super 6 is a totally legit app. I recently won on nascar I cashed out and havnt got any emails or the money in my pay pal account. Peejay aldermab on March 14, at pm.

At a time when the world is shut down and a helping hand is needed, I have been playing this game. I was so excited. Why doesn't your site send out the phone code to install and play fox bet super 6. Just this week I came in 1st place out of k people. In addition to the excellent deposit and free bonus and daily odds boosts, FOX Bet offers access to a rewards program for loyal customers.

Only reason I say not so easy is the point spread. I was in second place on my friends list with over points and now all of a sudden I am in last place with zero points what happened to my point is this a scam or what. ZaneLowry on March 2, at am. Please fix this bug and I will fix this review to 5 stars. FOX Bet is now offering legalized sports betting in Colorado, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Michigan! NFL.

Each and every week, FOX Bet Super 6 offers you the chance to win big six questions about an NFL weekend, an MLB game, a NASCAR race. You have problems with the app FOX Bet Super 6 and you are looking for suitable solutions to fix the errors?

fox bet super 6 nascar app

Anything Bradshaw is a scam. Deleting the app now and am contacting an attorney because of the fraud they perpetrate each week. Then find out in this post what you can do if.They are actively pursuing the licenses necessary to do so. Stop Ridiculous Charges. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

A self proclaimed sports betting jinx, fade his action anytime he loves the Eagles, Sixers or Phillies. This app can kiss my ass. Someone is hacking them somewhere. Prevent apps from taking your money without permission. Recent Posts. Thanks, Jaicie. If you tap your profile page, it will show you your balance and ask if you want to cash out.

This is based on our NLP Natural language processing analysis of overUser Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4. I am very ticked off right now. Misty on October 11, at pm. Too many people are playing and not receiving a dime. Makes each match more exciting!!! Hi I got the pick of Georgia correct last night in the Alabama Championship game but it did not give me the check and did not give me the credits.

The more that play, the bigger prize. Very curious to how and why I had winnings but nothing at all came through the account I set roulette picture bets on PayPal on my NetSpen account. There is no recourse to speak to anyone. I was playing the game for a while and had thought I cashed out my winnings and then I signed up for PayPal thinking I would receive a large payment.

Is this game just invented to get peoples hopes up? What gives? They text me to tell me I won. Why in the hell is washington the only freaking state that is unable to play a free freaking game. L Labbee on December 13, at am. I have points from last betting game. Richard on October 27, at pm.

Can someone please get in touch with me and explain what went wrong. Super6 gave away a house on Christmas and Terry bradshaw announced the winner by accident during halftime show.

FOX Bet Online Sportsbook Review

Cash we got mcgregor vs mayweather stats text from. At the indy road course the first stage they where at least 8 Chevrolet that finished in the top 15 and yall are saying chevys finished in the top 15 you are wrong go back and look at finishing order. I am super excited because I never win. There was question on contest that said how many teams will have 9 wins after week I presumed week 14 ended after Monday night game and had correct answer.

When people are hurting out here in the world. Why does my app keep saying invalid location Reply. This app is free but your left waiting to see results for days in some instances which takes the thrill away I won over a thousand dollars, but when I tried to cash out it disappeared from my account but didn't go into my PayPal account. Ideal to get people used to picking the outcome of events. Once I press this add button the app goes black and force closes.

John on November 17, at pm. Got 6 out if ,6 says I win jackpot what a joke numerous reviews of the same am contacting lawyers and the media nothing but a scam Jimmie grayson My user id is P4EEV. Expect to see them available in significantly more markets in the near future. This is so typical in every aspect of this app. How do I log in with my old account instead of making a new account Reply.

FOX Bet Super 6 — Play for free

I am a lawyer so let me know anyone interested in joining a class action suit. I received Congratulations notifications, but that is it. I just want to know how long do you have to wait until you get paid for this contest. Its cheating ppl. Don't waist your time. They should seriously be reported!Discover which options are the fastest to get your customer service issues resolved.

FOX Bet Super 6 is very safe to use. I def watch each game and check in but if win or lose its fun!! There is free cash up for grabs each week to players that correctly predict the outcome of MLB, NFL, NASCAR, NBA, College Hoops, and Pop. Data on FOX Bet Super 6 and other apps by Stars Mobile Limited. Would I play if their was no money involved YES Love the app but would like to see more details.

I won alot of money from this Fox Super 6 game. I had been betting fir a few seasons before I cased out. Bucs can kick a field goal to bring it back up over fox bet super 6 nascar app poker table with drop boxes go for it for no good reason.

Download the app to get started! How can I get my winnings? So I went to claim my prize and to my amazement I had won NO money. I am wondering the same thing. We are not FoxSports…. What can I do with them? It is very difficult to get all 6 picks right so u can imagine my surprise when I saw I had gotten all 6 right and was in 1st place. But whatever the sport or event, one thing remains the same — you have to provide the answer to 6 questions.

Did not get my. Well I have won the super bet pick 6 it was a quiz show 1 place n its up there now for 65 g I have I d n my info well can some please go look thank u my number is Multiple times I've screen shot my answers an questions only to go back to check how I did an found questions were different. The idea is that the broadcasters pick their favorite lines, and bettors get to jump on them at enhanced odds. I don't have points for the game s between the Vikings and Panthers nor the Packers and Bears showing on my app.

This is not legit I won bucks supposedly on the guaranteed quiz show. But, I haven't heard from your since then. Jahleel Eli [email protected]. Continue emails: how do I get it? Well that never happened they have ignored my emails, heck I even sent a letter certified to the contact address. Brecklynn on January 9, at pm. Do you win with on the Thursday night football Reply. Evian m lope on April 22, at pm. Make the questions at least possible to answer.

fox bet super 6 nascar app

And I even should my winnings to my roommate and we assumed I would be getting something on my card. I wrote in for the winners list and your return my letter. More than 5million Americans have already played. This app is bull shit. What are points for? Waste of time. the outcome of MLB, NFL, NASCAR, NBA, College Hoops, and Pop Culture. Submit a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Discover which options are the fastest to get your customer service issues resolved.

So I want to know that all weeks end on Sundays???

fox bet super 6 nascar app

Get a free Virtual Credit Card to signup for Subscriptions. Today told they cannot find my account. Bradshaw need to be more transparent so that people like me won't waste our time! Eric Webb on February 6, at pm. When I go to add my friends in my contacts, the app force closes. I played this app for 2 years the only time I got all 6 right was this week on the masked singer I haven't recieved a dime!!!!

· Step 3: Goto Your File manager or browser location. Please reply! Lorine idom on October 3, at pm. It's free to play! This app is bs. I won last week and that reported all the wrong score NO BS. When I push play for free on Clint bowyer game it goes away totally been like this for a month only game it does this on all others are ok. There are loads of cash up for grabs each week to players that correctly predict the outcome of NASCAR, NBA, College Hoops, Stock Markets.

Darryl Morgan on November 23, at pm. FOX Bet Super 6: Daytona picks to win $25, for free. Is this whole thing scam?? No one is getting their payouts anyways. Love the app! I saw nba on screen but how do i get to make picks what do i need to do as well as other sports thnkdLoop. How will I be notified if I win all 6 Reply. I really needed that money at this time in my life especially with this pandemic. Dan hoagland on January 13, at pm.

How long does that take, and what exactly does that entail? It keeps ur interest in teams and keep up with u should. The lack of enticing bonuses may be the only consistent complaint we hear about the regulated US sports betting market. Is there a way that a sample can be made? I saw nba on screen but how do i get to make picks what do i need to do as well as other sports thnkdLoop Reply. Share Tweet. Hi Fox Bet Super 6.Do ballys sports book las vegas like a chance to win FREE money?

Kevin Ellis on October 14, at pm. I am confused about why on the march 10th masked singer why I did not win the big prize when I was the only one to get all six questions correctly, I hope someone sees this and gets back to me, I'm not real good on figuring out how to contact the correct department to find out why I didn't win, someone needs to reach out to me. Paree on January 13, at pm.

You only have one shot to take full advantage of this generous FOX Bet welcome offer. Where are my picks? Latest posts by Jason Ziernicki see all. All you need to do to get set up is download the app to your mobile device, and register for an account. I wish that I could get my money through Zelle or any other platform, as Paypal is very customer unfriendly. Check out the daily app ranking, rank history, ratings, features and reviews of top apps like FOX Bet Super 6 on ios Store.

All you will get in return is solicitors calling you all the time because they sell your info to make money you never see. We won week 13 a d still don't know how we win the. Marc Vogel on May 21, at pm. It is apparent from the impossible questions that you don't want anyone to win Clint's? Please fix this bug and I will fix this review to 5 stars. The more users they can attract and get into their database, the more money they can make via advertisements, pushing players to their sports betting apps when their given state is live, and more.

This is not cool fox and you should be ashamed of yourself. Ty Reply. Within the app itself. Never heard from anyone it said I would receive an email within 48 hours. It says I have 11k when you hit profile. The app is safe. Is this app a scam. Joethekid on February 4, at am. Joanne Swanson on January 4, at am. Thought I would get some kind of message that I had won but as I watched the rest of the race they reported that no one got the picks correct.

I never won before. Local media have info I gave them what a ripoff If terry Bradshaw is aware he needs to go Won 6 out of 6 says I should win jackpot won nothing I won a stock market one. The ongoing promotions and daily boosted odds are the best things about betting with the FOX Bet app or online sportsbook. Download the Super 6 app and make six predictions about this week's Bassmaster Classic for your chance to win.

Super 6 is a prediction-style game, similar to what SkyBet does over in the UK. Users will need to pick the winners, scores, and more correctly for three games each week for the rest of the NFL season. I decided to view my picks. You could have 5 of the 6 right, but if you miss that first one - you are out of luck. This isn't a good look for you. If its corrected that should put me in 1st place on the leader list.

My Philadelphia game with Washington, last week is still showing 0 to 0 why haven't you put the score in yet from last week? Love the app!Want to win free cash? One of the only cons for the contests have seemed to be if you lose the first selection on your entry, your entry is considered a loser and will not get points for any you get right from there forth. Or how can I contact Fox Sports Super 6?

I send more emails. FOX Super 6 is a marketing tool to increase a database, which is the most valuable thing to large media companies. Terry Bradshaw. Fine, whatever. And you create and app that just chests ppl. FOX Bet has turned any of these negative assumptions on their head, offering a staggering number of promotions and bonuses that offer serious added value to bettors.

I would to know are you paying the people who won there money. I thought fox was better than this I guess I was dead wrong. Had a dispute on one of the picks; resolved in my favor. Would very much appreciate support or help just not available- very disappointing for an avid fan. Darryl Morgan on November 24, at pm. Zach is a Basketball Insiders contributor. I decided to view my picks. FOX Bet serves up an all-you-can-eat buffet of options when it comes to sports and leagues to bet on.

With this app, if you get the first answer wrong, you are out of the "game" and you are no longer interested in following along. I won and downloaded the cash to Paypal. predict the outcome of NASCAR, NBA, College Hoops, Stock Markets, and Pop Culture. Many of these weekly promos are tied to TV personalities on FOX Sports, while others require you to follow the brand on social media. Okay I played the game the Fox 6 pic December 5th I want all six games and I don't know if I won the money or how does it work cuz no one have contacted me out of the six point score I miss out of six but I want all six games and three of the six of the point score so I'm asking do I get something or can somebody contact me and let me know something None of these teams are playing who the app has them playing.

How long does it take to be contacted if you are a winner? When I try to download it a message comes up that say downloading the app may damage my phone. I won CJP on October 12, at am. The Stars Group and FOX Sports have combined to make a large player in the sports betting industry, and this app is a large part of the customer acquisition model.

**I dont need your money all. The money quickly appeared in my Paypal account. If you hit on all 6 then you hit that jackpot. Not cool to guarantee 10, dollars and not pay people y'all should be ashamed of yourselves!! This is cool as heck it really speaks to your ability to follow sports as a whole.

I have two cards set up and nothing came through. I have a lot of fun with family and friends competing against each other every week, hopefully the app continues next year so I can start from the beginning beacon bingo cricklewood each season.

Your email address will not be published. When opening the app, I wish it would move faster. I just signed up and says I have 10 points. No actual money being wagered either. Miguel on February 2, at pm. He got his degree in journalism from Indiana State University. I am still not a die hard fan of any one but i love to cheer and find out how i did in the end.

When I go to add my friends in my contacts, the app force closes. Why in the hell is washington the only freaking state that is unable to play a free freaking game Reply. February 19 It's comanche nation casinos free to play on the Super 6 app. Follow Me. Jason Ziernicki.

This app is fun, not so easy and free. Jason covers the legal sports betting industry within multiple states. I am recovering from surgery and playing this game takes my mind off things. I won Quiz Show on April 9, and I still haven't received my money. Payment of all prizes are to be made by Sponsor. For example, Kansas city vs Broncos. There is no where to contact anyone for super 6 thus I am leaving this review.

Picks, payments, etc…. Bc if anything it makes u get into the games u wouldn't always be into. FOX Bet logo. I got 4 of the mask singer right and had a chance to win Is this app a joke and the laugh is on the people playing it. Won 1, I can't find contact info to have them send it again!! Jenn on October 21, at am. I got all 6 games correct on Dec 5th and have not been contacted directly as of yet on whether I have won.

Peterson score Touchdown Redskins 21 to 14 Reply. Fox Super 6 makes money primarily off of their partnered sportsbook. Yet I did not receive any prize. With the money they take in from that on a weekly basis, they funnel a portion of it back into contests like this, casting a larger net for potential clients for their betting page down the road. Yep, there is a version of Super 6 for just about everything — and the Major League Baseball playoffs are included.

Step 1: Download the FOX Bet Super on your device · Step 2: Allow Third Party apps on your device. These games were played on Sunday, Oct. Please help me obtain my winnings! Whether or not you religiously watch FOX Sports, keep an eye out for the latest Fox Bet promos and pounce on the boosted lines to your liking. I think could b fun however when whatever sport u want to how to win jackpot at casino picks, i see sometime i probably not doing something right.

It says I have points but no money. Joined the Fox appp tried to place a bet and it sends me to a totally different website that wants me to download fox bet super 6 nascar app fox app which I already have. I really need the money I won and I hope this game is legit. Once I press this add button the app goes black and force closes.

Harrisonkhatana on October 25, at am. After stage 2 of the race was over I checked results on my app and I got all the picks correct was so excited was the first time I got them all correct. What does that mean. As a marketing play, these offers tie into network sports coverage on FOX Sports, with TV personalities providing shout outs for personalized promos during the live broadcasts. PA online sportsbooks will certainly welcome this F2P option as it will introduce sports betting to many new users across the country.

Got all kinds of young men and boys looking up too you. Thank you! Even in his downtime, Zach enjoys researching for his next bet. My phone number is and email [email protected]. The biggest TV personalities have recurring specials bettors can take advantage of on a weekly basis. I trust Terry Bradshaw and I hope he's not promoting this game and not paying the money out to the people.

fox bet super 6 nascar app

But thank God for my neighbor who introduced me to a legit and certified recovery expert that helped me recover all my lost funds, If you have found your self in the middle of losing streak, though the emotions that inevitably accompany those losses can be devastating to your confidence.