Strong earthquake sets off fires, damages desert city east of Los Angeles

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The earthquake was felt as far away as Salt Lake City, Utah. There were also thousands of shakes under magnitude 3. It caused at least 29 injuries, damaged or destroyed more than 50 homes in the Palm Springs-Morongo Valley area and caused landslides. There are thousands of small, unnamed faults in Southern California. Twenty-nine people were hurt, and one person died. This quake caused considerable damage in the Big Bear area, causing a mile-long fault rupture and landslide s that blocked and damaged roads in the San Bernardino Mountains.

The earthquake which hit southern California yesterday described by CIT seismographers as being "of moderate proportions", did not cause any serious damage in any of the stricken areas. The earthquake was felt widely, in Sacramento to the south and in Reno, Nevada, to the east. magnitude earthquake rattles Northern California, USGS says. In Los Angeles, tall buildings rocked and a few persons ran into the streets. Rancho Cucamonga ; magnitude, 5 km depth.

On the early morning of June 28,a magnitude 7. In the next 16 minutes, five shocks between magnitude 4. May 4, On November 8,a magnitude 7. Proponents of the theory that warm, overcast, muggy weather is "earthquake weather" -- a theory refuted by the experts -- had something in their favor today. Having extra seconds to do so can save lives. Chimneys fell and, in Fields Landing, at least four wood-frame houses were shifted off their foundations, with two falling partly to the ground.

LA Magnitude 5. In the middle of the night on February 25,a magnitude 5. The damage, to at least 50 buildings, stretched from Newport Beach to San Diegoand there was also a small landslide in eastern San Diego County. The targeted pilot study region of this project is Los Angeles, where the project is currently conducting an inventory of older concrete buildings. Identifying which types of older concrete buildings pose the greatest collapse hazard, however poses a challenge to the engineering community that they don't currently have the research evidence to solve.

Before the mids concrete buildings generally were not designed to account for the cyclic effects of earthquake induced motion and as a result they are often brittle, causing sudden collapse without warning. Skip to main content. By amazing coincidence, just one day before the earthquake and its aftershocks happened, four new seismographs were installed in the area near the epicenter! Meanwhile, the weather Bureau said the night and morning fog, variable high cloudiness and generally high temperatures would prevail through tomorrow.

Instead, the break likely is a bit player in California's tectonic drama, a minor crack in tortured crust being all about slot machines between two tectonic plates. Two earthquakes occurred in in the same general area, about 10 miles north of the town of Ridgecrestjust about what ethnicity is pokimane month apart.

Strongest quake in or near Los Angeles, California, USA today: Mag 11km SW of Lamont, CA | Quakes in or near Los Angeles, California, USA now or today. The strongest earthquake in California today occurred 18 hours ago: Moderate mag. The accelerograph at Santa Barbara did not operate. The light, rolling earthquake felt here at am today covered 60, square miles of California, Arizona, and Nevada, the Associated Press reported, but aside from a few broken windows and dishes, no damage was done in the widespread areas.

It lasted approximately one minute. It caused eight deaths. In Lompoc Valley, one window was reported broken, a few pictures fell earthquake in los angeles yesterday walls, and some dishes were broken, but no serious damage was reported. Los Angeles Special Map. Special Map. Click on an earthquake on the above map for more information.

It caused slight damage in the towns of Portola and Quincy in Plumas County. Additionally, there were a couple of small aftershocks. Since the Long Beach earthquake, many unreinforced masonry buildings in California have been either retrofitted, or replaced with newer buildings. The second, a few minutes later, was accompanied by rumbling and was a "longer back-and- forth roller.

It produced more than 2, aftershocks in the five weeks that followed. earthquake - 33 mi west of Tonopah, Nye County, Nevada, USA, on Thursday. Geological Survey. The perceptible area was of approximately 2, sq. It also caused short power outages to more thancustomers in Southern California. An earthquake is a sudden movement that releases stored energy on a fault. On October 15,a magnitude 6.

Pre-Dawn Quake Wakes Oxnarders. No damage was reported. earthquake news stories - get the latest updates from ABC7. Within 48 hours of the initial quake, 72 magnitude 4. For technical information, visit the USGS website. In that area, the shock was reported as "moderate". Acccording to the United Press, the first quake occurred at a.

The San Andreas and San Jacinto faults have ruptured simultaneously at least three times in the past 2, years, most Mission Creek fault strand near Desert Hot Springs is moving faster than previously thought. The quake may have relieved stress accumulating since the magnitude New research by Caltech scientists and engineers shows the influence of rock gouge in fault planes on earthquake UN marks anniversary of devastating Haiti earthquake.

Another quake was felt at The tremblors shook several large rocks at Point Arguello into the sea, it was reported. On August 12,a magnitude 5. Photo credit: U. Geological Survey. Because the earthquake did not rupture the ground and slipped less than a mile 1. On August 10,a magnitude 5. Two jerking tremblors were felt at the desert town of Boron, about three minutes apart. The first shock was described as sudden and the second as rolling.

On October 1,a magnitude 5. The Hector Mine quake reportedly knocked a passenger train off a track, however, causing when does blackjack dealer hit few people to sustain minor injuries, and it damaged two highway bridges. The thermometer really started boiling upward today, hitting a high of 87 degrees shortly before 2 pm.

One report said a Venturan druggist told of several bottles being shaken from shelves while others said housewives were plagued with falling cups from open cupboards. No serious damage was reported at any point through the area, but many residents said it was the "strongest" quake they had ever felt. For example, in Gilroy, a wall cracked in the City Hall building, and a ceiling caved in inside a room within the Municipal Courthouse.

Owens Valley. In addition to identifying these buildings, the project is conducting testing, analysis and modeling to understand the primary issues related to collapse as well as to develop cost effective retrofit methods. A brief but sharp earthquake tremor woke many Oxnarders from their beds at am today but no damage was reported.

On September 12,a magnitude 5. While all old concrete buildings are not expected to collapse in a major earthquake, it is important to identify ahead of time, which types are the most vulnerable so that they can retrofitted to avoid unnecessary loss of life in the next big CA earthquake. Scores of Oxnarders rushed out of their homes and stores at pm yesterday after experiencing a sharp, trembling earthquake. However, they added, it is believed the point of origin was west of Los Angeles or Santa Monica.

An assessment by the American Red Cross stated that single-family houses and 33 apartment buildings were almost destroyed; single-family houses, 94 mobilehomes and 39 apartment buildings sustained major damage; and single-family houses, 22 mobilehomes and 70 apartment buildings sustained minor damage. In the late afternoon of August 13,a magnitude 5. Some types of high risk structures include unreinforced masonry, soft story buildings that have openings at the ground floor for retail windows or garages, and older concrete buildings.

The quake occurred on a previously unknown fault. Take a look at noteworthy temblors in our state's recorded history by viewing this California earthquake history timeline. Distinct quakings were felt in Ventura at and were reported by United Press as shaking office buildings in Los Angeles. At San Diego it was recorded as of No. This intensity would have been sufficient to do heavy damage in a populated area.


On October 16,the magnitude 7. In Long Beach it was described as a "light rolling motion. It was felt extensively throughout the entire Bay Area. A momentary earthquake slightly jarred Santa Barbara yesterday, at pm but did no damage. The quake was apparently strongest in the Oxnard area where residents reported a nice, easy swaying motion, but in Santa Paula most people were too preoccupied to note the quake. Projects like the one underway at PEER are helping to make this possible.

On July 8,a magnitude 5. Maximum intensity was VI. Damage in Oxnard, Santa Paula, and Ventura included cracked and fallen plaster, a few small cracks in stucco, several broken windows, the partial collapse of an old brick chimney, and some damage from fallen merchandise. A Haydock School student excitedly told her mother that the windows were broken in the school and that plaster came down from the ceiling.

More vulnerable types of residencessuch as those not anchored to their foundations, those constructed of masonry, or houses built over garages with large door openings, sustained the most damage. Although its epicenter was in a sparsely populated area, it was said to have been felt throughout the Los Angeles areaArizona, Nevada, and Idaho. Chandeliers rocked and houses creaked and groaned with the quake, but no damage was reported anywhere in the county.

A magnitude earthquake centered in the desert east of Crap table layout Angeles rattled parts of Southern California late Sunday.Instead, the break likely is a bit player in California's tectonic drama, a minor crack in tortured crust being squeezed between two tectonic plates.

This included damage to chimneys in older houses, broken glassware in stores, and structural damage to five buildings in the town of Gilroy. Its center apparently was in the thinly populated Lucerne Valley north of the San Bernardino Mountains. The earthquake engineering community feels that these older concrete buildings may be a great risk to California.

Posted July 30, A small crack unzipped Monday March 17 under the Santa Monica Mountains north of Los Angeles, waking millions of people with Southern California's largest earthquake in years. Although older concrete buildings are more vulnerable than newer well-designed and constructed buildings, many engineers believe that all of the old concrete buildings, which have been estimated at 40, in the state of California, are not necessarily collapse hazards.

Once the quantity of these building is available it will be easier for the region to develop effective measures to repair these buildings. Bodfish. Some Southern Californians were awakened by shaking from a magnitude earthquake early Tuesday centered in southwestern San Bernardino. On January 17,a magnitude 6. The epicenter of yesterday's magnitude The a. On June 27,a magnitude 6.

In the hills between Lompoc and the ocean the shock was strong enough to shake large oak trees. There were also widespread landslides and rockfalls. No calls concerning the light tremor here were received at the Police Station, indicating that few persons felt it. A magnitude 2. Ontario ; magnitude, 9 km depth. A shattered bank window in Glendale apparently was the principal damage, the Associated Earthquake in los angeles yesterday reported.

The second quake produced close to 2, aftershocks! Los Angeles - One of today's earthquakes ripped giant holes in the Owens Valley aqueduct when a torrent of boulders poured down a mountainside.

earthquake in los angeles yesterday

Although buildings shook, no property damage was reported in the Los Angeles area. Located 7 miles SW of Lamont on 6/16/22, AM. Number of + earthquakes in the past 24 hours. Unreinforced masonry buildings suffered the most damage. On the morning of June 28,a magnitude 5. This event provided an opportunity for the scientists and system operators to test and improve ShakeAlert so it will be even better when the next big earthquake strikes.

Caltech officials said the intensity of the quakes this morning were as strong as those which caused heavy loss of life and property in Long Beach inand that damage would have been severe if today's earthquakes had been centered in a thickly populated section.

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  2. The July 29, earthquake in Los Angeles should be a reminder to the residents of California that large earthquakes.
  3. March 15, - Several earthquake shocks, apparently from the same general source, were felt generally.
  4. On January 17,an earthquake rocks Los Angeles, Californiakilling 54 people and causing billions of dollars in damages. The Northridge quake.
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  6. A powerful earthquake struck Southern California on Thursday, touching off house fires and damaging buildings in a desert.
  7. Half a million phones received emergency alerts thanks to system offering a few seconds to take cover..
  8. Although earlier earthquakes have been documented —such as significant movement on the southern San Andreas.

This earthquake also caused structural damage cracked chimneys, walls, windows and plaster at several schools, homes and hospitals in southern Butte County. It caused one death and more than 40 injuries, including the critical injury of a young boy who was hurt by falling fireplace bricks. California · Magnitude earthquake felt in Monterey County. One observer at Santa Ynez noted a "hard jolt and several light ones.

The second significant shock was on September 20, with a magnitude of 5. Charles Richter of the California Institute of Technology described the quake as "strong" enough to do damage at the point of origin. Damage such as fallen chimneys and cracked walls occurred in nearby Loyalton, Sierraville, Boca, Hirschdale and Hobart Mills. A small cluster of foreshocks began almost a day before the mainshock.

Locally, the tremor was sufficient only to set light fixtures swaying. No serious damage was reported but several people said dishes were broken in their homes and lamps knocked over. Six earthquake in los angeles yesterday were injured, and aftershocks were felt for days. December 4, - Southern California was rocked from Santa Maria to the Mexican border below San Diego and El Centro, and from the coast to the Colorado River, by a stronger but less damaging earthquake than the one that wrecked Long Beach in Quake Felt in County.

Larger magnitude earthquakes also are often associated with longer duration -- another potentially damaging factor. It was felt in many parts of Northern California and Western Nevada. Feb 11, On April 8,a magnitude 6. This earthquake was felt near Bakersfield and Sacramento, and at least aftershocks were recorded. A house damaged by the Loma Prieta earthquake.

The placement of the quake's epicenter in the Kern County area pointed to the possibility that the shakeups may have been caused by slippage in the famous San Andreas fault, blamed for the catastrophic San Francisco earthquake in No damage was reported in San Luis Obispo, where the earthquake shook windows and rattled dishes, but at Pismo Beach plaster was cracked in several houses.

The first one -- and the worst -- was felt at The others listed were at"slight";"not bovada debit card payout"not bad";"slight"; and "fairly heavy". Because the earthquake did not rupture the ground and slipped less than a mile 1. On the morning of July 13,a magnitude 5.

Geological Survey. The epicenter of the temblor was placed approximately miles north of Los Angeles east of Ventura, in the general area of Kern County. The strongest earthquake in California today occurred 18 hours ago: Moderate mag. For other types of buildings, like older concrete buildings, retrofit programs are not yet in place for most cities. The line of earthquakes that includes the Shamrock Shake sits between several major fault zones, including the Santa Monica Fault and the Sierra Madre Fault.

Luckily, little damage was reported, because the area was not well-populated.

A Small Fault Caused Monday's Earthquake in Los Angeles - Scientific American

Residents reported that they were still asleep in bed when they were awakened by sharp jolts. A magnitude earthquake struck near Los Angeles.Los Angeles shakes as Southern California hit by strongest earthquake in 20 years A magnitude earthquake centered in the desert east of Los Angeles rattled parts of Southern California late Sunday. Some Southern Californians were awakened by shaking from a magnitude earthquake early Tuesday centered in southwestern San Bernardino.

Los Angeles - One of today's earthquakes ripped giant holes in the Owens Valley aqueduct when a torrent of boulders poured down a mountainside. What is an Earthquake? Owens Valley March 26, M7. It had been preceded by moderate foreshocks on April 10 and May You are here Home Magnitude 5.

The Community Stress Drop Validation technical activity group is focused on resolving discrepancies in earthquake stress drop. Summer Undergraduate Research Experience SURE pairs a student, one-on-one, to conduct research with a pre-eminent earthquake scientist or specialist. SCEC Transitions Program provides students and early-career scientists with resources and mentoring at major transitions in their educational and professional careers.

This magnitude 6. Longtime residents of the Central Valley will remember the Coalinga earthquake of May 2,which occurred on a previously unknown fault and injured 94 people, mostly from furniture and other items falling or being thrown about, and from people being knocked to the ground from the shaking.

Several other hospitals were also damaged, and newly constructed freeway overpasses collapsed. Santa Barbara, along with residents of all southern California, were rocked awake instead of to sleep, early Friday morning by two slight earth shocks that did no damage outside of stopping a few clocks. It was reported that some noticed the electric wires weaving and billy richardson las vegas felt the shock in their homes but no damage was reported.

The quake hit the insurance industry hard: many insurers had greatly underestimated the costs associated with a major earthquake. Recorded as "No. magnitude earthquake rattles Southern California overnight, geologists say. Most Santa Barbarans apparently were not aware of it, earthquake in los angeles yesterday this area was rocked ever-so-slightly at 2 pm today by an extremely light earthquake but apparently centered in the southeast section of Los Angeles.

Therefore, it is important to target only the most dangerous buildings for seismic upgrading as soon as possible. It was so light he was unable to determine the direction or distance. The older concrete buildings in question were generally built prior to the modern building code requirements that were implemented in the mid's after the San Fernando, California Earthquake inflicted major damage to concrete buildings and demonstrated the need for design and detailing improvements.

You are here Home Magnitude 5. PEER's researchers study engineering characteristics of earthquake ground shaking as well as the seismic performance of lifelines, buildings, bridges, and industrial facilities. A Coast Guardsman stationed at Point Arguello reported that six separate and distinct shocks had been felt there.

Today's Earthquakes in LA and Southern California

No water shortage was expected to result. March 13, A magnitude earthquake rattled Southern California on Saturday evening, with shaking felt from Burbank to the Westside in Los Angeles. Sespe Hot Springs, VI MMfelt area 2, sq.The July 29, earthquake in Los Angeles should be a reminder to the residents of California that large earthquakes are a reality in our state.

The earthquake engineering community has long recognized that all building types do not perform equally in earthquakes. A earthquake in los angeles yesterday windows were reported broken at Oxnard but no other damage was recorded. In response to this crisis, CEA was created. The United Press placed the center of the quake 40 miles from Pasadena "in an undetermined direction.

Current design methods require concrete structures to be more ductile so that they can undergo significant damage during major earthquakes without collapse. Claude Ruppert of Ordonnez Farms said he was talking long distance to their broker, Marshall Anderson, in Los Angeles and that Anderson felt the shock two seconds after he did. Damage included broken ceiling tiles, plaster, chimneys, windows and walls at buildings in Bishop, as well as damage to homes and utility lines in Chalfant when mobilehomes were shaken off their supports.

Earthquake Magnitude Scale. The earthquake was felt in parts of California, Oregon and Nevada. Foreshocks had been felt for up to three weeks prior. The tremor was reported as far north as Santa Maria and Pt. The Coast Guard Station at the latter point also reported a slight jar yesterday at am.

Notable damage included a freight train being derailed, a roof collapsing, and several buildings and at least one bridge being damaged. The shocks as felt in Santa Maria was reported as accompanied by a roaring sound. The nearest population center, Eureka, is about 45 miles north. At Barstow, telegraph poles shook noticeably.

There had been five magnitude 6 earthquakes in the same area prior to the earthquake, occurring in,and Two earthquakes in Marcha magnitude 5.March 15, - Several earthquake shocks, apparently from the same general source, were felt generally over central and southern California Friday morning, March Those generally reported occurred at, and am, PST.

That at was the most severe, and was estimated by C. Richter as of a magnitude equal to or possibly greater than that of the Santa Barbara earthquake of and of the Long Beach earthquake of Its position is in an area only sparsely inhabited accounts for the comparatively light damage. There were several aftershocks. It was felt as far away as the Yosemite Valley, Fresno and Las Vegas, and it caused damage across much of Southern California: power lines severed in San Diego Countycollapsed ceilings in the Imperial Valley, cracked plaster in Los Angeleslandslides close to the epicenter, and minor surface rupture that cracked Highway The earthquake also caused small displacements along the Superstition Hills fault, Imperial fault and Banning-Mission Creek fault, miles from the epicenter.

Considering the size of the quake, damage was light, although structural damage did occur. Sports betting legal in north carolina was a large aftershock sequence, also offshore. Ventura felt a shock of several seconds duration as did Santa Paula and other county areas.

The project intends to develop advanced engineering technologies and companion public policy models to distinguish the adequate buildings from the truly dangerous ones, thereby turning an intractable problem into one that can be addressed with available resources.

earthquake in los angeles yesterday

Through this project it is hoped that the earthquake engineering community can reach consensus about which building configurations and features need focused mitigation efforts. A spokesperson for the U. A magnitude 5. The quake also shook the Petrolia fire house so hard that the garage door jammed, trapping the fire engine inside. The earthquake injured two people in Santa Cruz County and caused damage such as cracks in plaster walls, cracks on Highwayand fallen household items.

Lompoc residents are still talking about the earthquake tremors felt here Friday and Saturday but no serious damage has been reported to local officials. Damage was concentrated closer to the town of Morgan Hill and the Anderson Reservoir. The Imperial County Services building in El Centro had to be razed after the eastern part of the building partly collapsed.

The quake destroyed two houses and 11 commercial buildings and damaged more than 1, houses and more than commercial buildings. It lasted several seconds, and broke a few dishes here, but it was reported as heavy by a Coast Guardsman stationed at Point Arguello. Descriptions varied from a "quiver" in Los Angeles to "fairly heavy" at Malibu, "moderate" at Redondo Beach to "a sort of a jar" at Santa Monica.

This view, looking east, shows the overpass, which was completed although not all segments were yet in serviceas well as San Fernando Valley Juvenile Hall at right. There was no damage. Broke dishes and overturned or shifted small objects at Lompoc. If yesterday's moderate magnitude 5. Seismic shaking, compression and extension along the length of the roadway were responsible for the damage in this image.

Los Angeles apparently felt the shock.

earthquake in los angeles yesterday

That same morning, a magnitude 6. More than 30 people were treated for minor injuries. The Loma Prieta quake was the first major event to occur along the San Andreas fault zone since the San Francisco earthquake. On May 25,around a. At Arlight and Sudden, dishes broke and chimneys fell. Map showing location of earthquake near Soledad, Calif. Additionally, utility services were briefly disrupted in some locations.

Los Angeles municipal water and power department authorities said the earth movements were very pronounced in Owens Valley, location of one of the coast's major geological faults. The first quake was felt about 8 am Friday but the strongest tremblor was recorded at am Saturday. On September 9,a magnitude 4.

He said it probably would not be felt outside the epicenter. On November 27,a magnitude 5. The largest earthquake in LA and Southern California: ; today: · Weedpatch ; this week: · Searles Valley ; this month: · Searles Valley ; this year: The largest earthquake in Los Angeles: ; magnitude, 14 km depth. Failed cornice and exterior walls of a building in the restricted area of heavily damaged downtown Coalinga.

It had a strong east-west motion. Santa Maria reported the shock the most severe of three experienced there in the past year, but there was no property damage. Paying tribute to all the victims, the UN in Haiti remembered not only the hundreds of thousands of Earthquakes are an omnipresent source of anxiety in California, where the San Andreas fault slices through most of the Evidence for shared earthquakes between San Andreas and San Jacinto faults.

Regional simulations will also be performed by researchers at various universities to consider the effects of large earthquakes on the existing building stock. More than 2, people were injured. The figures for Painted Cave were 87 and Local residents were jarred into wakefulness this morning at by a strong earth tremor which apparently shook an area extending beat the dealer online Pismo Beach on the north to Santa Barbara on the south.

The quake fractured ground in some places, caused rockslides and landslides in others, and caused significant property damage. The Imperial and Owens Valleys did not feel it. The quake also caused rockslides that blocked mountain roads. Reports from Oxnard indicated a strong jolt and UPI spokesman say it might have been the hardest hit. Had the quake struck at a busier time of day, loss of life would have likely been even greater.

Additionally, minor damage, such as broken dishes and windows, was reported in many parts of Southern California.

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The earthquake damaged a fire station at Pacheco Pass, and a nearby lookout station was vacated because of damage, as well. The first, on August 17, was a magnitude 5. On July 21,a magnitude 6. Magnitude 5. On April 22,a magnitude 6. County residents reported feeling an earthquake that rocked the southern California coast as far north as Santa Maria Saturday afternoon. The fracture that caused the earthquake was not on a significant fault and is unlikely to be a new source of major earthquakessaid Caltech seismologist Egill Hauksson.

The volunteer fire crew was then unable to put out the fires that followed the quake.

California Earthquake

The epicenter of yesterday's magnitude The a.Strongest earthquake in the past 24 hours. Between the two quakes, at least people were injured, one child died from a fallen chimney, and two others died of heart attacks. It caused some dishes to fall, but there were no major injuries or damage. There are thousands of small, unnamed faults in Southern California.

earthquake in los angeles yesterday

It was not considered a major earthquake or even a highly damaging earthquake—no injuries were reported—but it did cause landslides that closed Highway 74 between Spring Crest and Palm Springs, and it also caused a fire in Rancho Mirage when a gas line broke in a home. The first occurred at pm PST, and was said to be a single sharp jolt. A data package is created from information provided by USGS sensors and — within seconds — shows up on phones.

Recent Earthquakes in California and Nevada. While yesterday's effects were predominately damage to building contents, in a larger quake the likelihood of major structural building damage would be high. Apparently the disturbance was confined to this area. The shaking caused severe damage, massive landslidesa tsunami, and injured hundreds of people.

The quake was estimated at M4. ShakeAlert issues warnings through a series of agencies and apps including the MyShakeApppublic wireless emergency alert systems, and the Android operating system, powered by Google. earthquake - 33 mi west of Tonopah, Nye County, Nevada, USA, on Thursday. There free slot play real money landslides and rockslides, and pipelines, bridges, dams and roads were also affected.

Affected individuals are instructed to drop, cover, and hold on. PEER is a national multi-disciplinary earthquake research center with many short- and long-term research projects ranging from geology, seismology, geotechnical and structural engineering, to the socio-economical impacts of earthquakes. Metropolitan Los Angeles and southern California coastal cities as far north as Santa Barbara felt an earthquake at 1.

earthquake in los angeles yesterday

The Cape Mendocino earthquakes struck near Petrolia on April 25, The first quake, a magnitude 7. At am today two light earthquake shocks jarred most persons in this area awake. The aqueduct, which supplies water to the city of Los Angeles, was broken in several places along a mile stretch, allowinggallons of water per minutes to escape before the water could be shut off at the source.

Bymany had restricted or stopped writing residential insurance policies, sending the California housing market into a tailspin. Also, Tompkins Hill Road overpass suffered partial collapse, and there were a few minor landslidesareas of liquefactionand ground cracks. At the University of California, Berkeley, seismologists placed the center of the quake to the south of Berkeley. On February 9,a magnitude 6.

A series of moderate earthquakes alarmed Venturans and all of southern California this morning, but no damage was reported here or in other parts of the state.