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ilunga makabu vs thabiso mchunu
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Thabiso Mchunu vs. Ilunga Makabu beat Thabiso Mchunu by split decision in their 12 round contest on Saturday 29th January at Packard Music Hall in Ohio. Thabiso Mchunu; WBA “Regular” Heavyweight Title: Trevor Bryan (c) vs. Even the statistics were against Mchunu, who might have been capable of beating Makabu and history. Sugar Boy Malinga and Dingaan Thobela remain the only two to have succeeded — both at super-middleweight.


-. Jonathan Guidry; Vacant NABA Gold. ET and airing on Fite. By. Paul Mason. Ilunga Makabu retains his WBC cruiserweight title with a split decision win over Thabiso Mchunu. Ilunga Makabu and Thabiso Mchunu's bout for the WBC cruiserweight title will headline the event, kicking off at p.m. January 30, Ilunga Makabu vs Thabiso Mchunu 2 – Results & Post-Fight Report Thabiso Mchunu; WBA “Regular” Heavyweight Title: Trevor Bryan (c) vs. WBC Cruiserweight Title: Ilunga Makabu (c) vs.

Bryan was due to face Manuel Charr, but yet more issues got in the way, and Charr was unable to obtain a visa. He even stumbled backwards when Mchunu caught him late in the bout, betrayed by his legs.

Junior Makabu won a controversial split decision over Thabiso Mchunu in the US on Saturday night to retain his WBC cruiserweight crown and stay in line for a possible big-money fight against Canelo Alvarez. Makabu, a Johannesburg-based Congolese, improved to 29 wins and two losses while Mchunu, who also trains in Johannesburg, dropped to

Jonathan Guidry; Vacant NABA Gold.DrMoMay 26, IntentionalButtMay 26, Awesome lol, thanks man. January 30, He still stood in the ring wearing his trademark smile and denim jacket, all while waving US and DRC flags. Who wins Thabiso Mchunu vs. WBC cruiserweight champion Ilunga Makabu (, 25 KOs) used his power advantage to pound out a 12 round split decision over mandatory.

Its the best fight no-one saw last year. Ilunga Makabu defeats Thabiso Mchunu via 12 Round Decision ; Champion, Title ; Democratic Republic Of Congo, Nationality ; Johannesburg, Gauteng. Ilunga Makabu vs. He was stopped. Makabu produced a split decision win over Thabiso Mchunu to retain his title at the Packard Music Hall in Warren, Ohio. Both corners proposed their strategies which were clearly identified thanks to the performance of the boxers: Makabu took advantage of his reach and strength, constantly putting pressure on Mchunu and throwing a good volume of straight punches.

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  1. This fight was the main event of the boxing event organized by Don King Promotions, which.
  2. The main card is slated for an 8 pm ET start from the Packard Music Hall.
  3. Junior Makabu won a controversial split decision over Thabiso Mchunu in the US on Saturday night to retain his WBC.
  4. The ring walk is expected to take place at 10 PM Eastern Time, or 7 PM Pacific,.
  5. Since then, Makabu claimed the vacant WBC belt in Januaryand defended for the first time in December of the.
  6. Packard Music Hall in Warren, Ohio. Makabu previously stopped Mchunu in round eleven back inthis.
  7. Our betting pick is the favorite, Ilunga Junior Makabu to maintain his title. These two.
  8. Packard Music Hall in Warren, Ohio. Many of the rounds were close, making it difficult.

Ilunga Makabu 2? BadbotMay 27, RobneyMay 27, Thanks for the link. Makabu Round 8 Mchunu is very tentative not thrwing anything just retreating, his fully on his bicycle now, he lands a few straight lefts Makabu answers back with lefts of his own, Mchunu is holding a lot, the ref warns Mchunu, Makabu yelling at Thabsio he wants to beat that konami slots free download with a vengeance, they exchange body blows in the center of the ring, Mabaku ails Mchunu with a left up top, Mchunu is rocked badly, he staggers along the ropes, and is rocked again, the bell sounds.

WBC cruiserweight champion since JanuaryIlunga Makabu, 34, has a professional record of 28 wins, with 25 knockouts and 2 losses, while challenger Thabiso. Mchunu Closer Round 6 Makabu comes out very aggressively, landing in combination his left over the top and digging an uppercut with his right to the midsection of Mchunu, Mchunu holds and Makabu pretends to kiss him 3 or 4 times clowning him making it seem like Mchunu wants to hug him, the ref warns Makabu, Mcuhu has a little success and Makabu steals it back before the bell.

Makabu fought Mchunu the first time in in South Africa, where he won what had been a close fight by an 11th-round knockout. The co-main event was a WBA heavyweight championship bout where the undefeated Trevor Bryan made his first defense effective by defeating Jonathan Guidry by split decision in a not very attractive fight.

Makabu, the reigning champion, tipped the scales at pounds, while the challenger Mchunu registered pounds. Share More boxing news on: Bryan vs. Mchunu Round 4 Makabu more effectively walking Mchunu down now, he's still eating huge straight lefts and right hooks, he's starting to dig a aleft upper cut to Mchunu's stomach, Mchunu retreating and couterinfg well, Makabu is starting to find his groove but eats too many hard shots to win the round.

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ilunga makabu vs thabiso mchunu

Big round for junior. Makabu is a fighter that forever moves forward, and Mchunu will select his shots carefully. Bellew is screwed. Both Ilunga Makabu and Thabiso Mchunu showed decent boxing, which is most likely far from the level of other champions in this and other weight divisions, but at least they make the sport look good for their countries. Jos Buttler inspires England to record total against the Netherlands. Mchunu Round 2 Makabu trying to barstool sportsbook illinois app his jab on track Mchunu landing his straight left and right hook at will, Makabu starts landing in combination with uppercuts to Thabiso's stomach, all the while Makabu being nailed with hard stiff shots that rock his head back and have him on the edge of looking hurt.

In the 12th, Bryant knocked Guidry down. Mchunu Round 3 Makabu realizing fight is getting away from him comes out with a vengeance walking Mchunu down, landing in combination, Mchunu still counterijnng and landing in combination, he nails Makabu with 3 straight stiff right hooks, Makabu is badly rocked, he fights through it and stays on his feet but barely, he mounts slight comeback and is rocked slightly again.

booksaveur.com › junior-makabu-edges-thabiso-mchunu-via-split-d. Makabu wins by KO. CST80May 26, I thought this fight would never see the light of day. Mchunu looks rocked in this fight, not exhausted.Discussion in ' World Boxing Forum ' started by boxfanlutMay 26, Log in or Sign up. Exchanging with Makabu in the fourth round rattled him, and slowed his pace. MetalLickerMay 27, World class stuff! This content is protected.

Ilunga Makabu vs Thabiso Mchunu 2 - Results & Post-Fight Report - booksaveur.com

Boxing News 24 Forum. Excellent fight, outstanding come back win. Trending Posts. Another big round for Junior. Makabu Round 10 Makabu like a raging bull is on the attack, he walking down a badly gassing Mchunu nailing him with blistering combinations, landing everywhere, Mchunu is bad shape, he's holding when he can, Makabu pushes him off and nails him again, Mchunu badly hurt several times in the last minuite.

ET and airing on Fite. Many of the rounds were close, making it difficult to choose between either fighter. Emanuel Navarrete to fight Eduardo Baez on Aug.What is the highest ODI cricket score of all time? I still think Bellew's gonna have something for Makabu though. Mchunu ended the fight landing just eighty strikes less than Makabu.

ilunga makabu vs thabiso mchunu

The keeps Makabu in line for a possible big payday fight against superstar Canelo Alvarez next on May 7th in the U. After tonight, Canelo will invite a lot of criticism if he stays with his plan of fighting Makabu next because he looked poor throughout, and his win over Mchunu was highly questionable.

AFN in race to produce two teams at national trials in Benin — Sport — —. This is a classic battle of power versus technical boxing- of brawling aggression and refined moderation. AFN rules out wildcard for athletes, inspects facilities in Benin. The fight left Ilunga Makabu as the winner on the scorecardsandas he was clearly the one who dominated most of the rounds, especially the middle rounds. Mchunu stayed in the pocket too long and got hit with too many body shots.

Seven years ago, Makabu rallied to stop Mchunu in the 11th round in Tonight, Makabu was outboxed by Mchunu in a similar way as the previous time they ought. There is no doubt that the Makabu-Mchunu bout was the one that had the spotlight on it, both because it was a championship fight and because of the talk and rumors that have been circulating about a possible Canelo Alvarez fight in the cruiserweight division.

What fight would you like to see now in the cruiserweight category? The boxers then exchanged a. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

Thabiso Mchunu vs Ilunga Makabu 16 05 2015

Ilunga Makabu and Thabiso Mchunu's bout for the WBC cruiserweight title will headline the event, kicking off at p.m. Thabiso Mchunu odds The oddsmakers have made this close to a fight, though Makabu is the slightest of favorites at .

ilunga makabu vs thabiso mchunu

In general terms it was an interesting fight, not very attractive, but with a lot to analyze. Jermell Charlo vs. He was stopped. Makabu Close Round 7 Makabu comes out fast lands in combination, Mchunu fires off the ropes rocking Makabu's head back several times, but Makabu won't let the momentum he's building slip away, Makabu fires right back landing uppercuts to the stomach and his left up top, he catches Mchunu and he's staggered, Mchunu almost turns his back to Makabu, he's wobbling his way through tring to slip a flurry from Makabu and weathers the storm.

Judges scored it Ilunga Makabu hangs on to WBC cruiserweight belt with split decision over Thabiso Mchunu Ilunga Makabu retained his WBC cruiserweight title –. Show Ignored Content. From round 10 onwards the tiredness of the fighters is quite noticeable, especially on the champion, which Mchunu takes advantage of by being clearly more effective in his lunges and counterpunches, with which he took this round and the number 11, so that for the last round the fight was still slightly uncertain, and therefore both boxers gave everything they had left in what was a very even round that could have gone for anyone.

Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?Packard Music Hall in Warren, Ohio. WBC Cruiserweight Title: Ilunga Makabu (c) vs. Boxing News - Latest Headlines. Makabu Round 11 Makabu comes out looking for the perfect chance to land a big shot giving Mchunu a few chances here and there to tag him with counters and hold, Makabu pushes him off and tags him with a big shot here and there, each shot he lands is doing damage, big straight right sends Mchunu into the ropes and Makabu follows it up with a combination ending it with a picture perfect uppercut right on the button, Mchunu goes down face first, ref starts the count and waves it odds to win fedex cup 2022. This defence against Mchunu popped up almost like an unwanted mosquito in the middle of the night.

Ilunga makabu vs thabiso mchunu Ilunga Makabu vs. Thabiso Mchunu 2 betting odds, preview, and pick
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  • Ilunga Makabu vs Thabiso Mchunu
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  • Ilunga Makabu defends WBC cruiserweight belt and holds out hope for a fight with Canelo Alvarez
  • Mchunu loses to Makabu on a controversial split decision

Tottenham announce Yves Bissouma signing. Bryan showed an excellent jab, but not much else in terms of power, speed, or ring IQ. He looked nothing like a heavyweight world champion. He just got tired out and then KO'ed. Makabu fought Mchunu the first time in in South Africa, where he won what had been a close fight by an 11th-round knockout.

ilunga makabu vs thabiso mchunu

Your email address will not be published. The bout showed that African boxing is not only represented with toughness and power, but also allows itself to show good technical skills. The World Boxing Association needs to consolidate the titles at heavyweight so that Bryan weeded out. Mchunu came out hard, winning rounds by a margin of punches landed.

The scorecards were. If Canelo is completely desperate to add to his career credentials, he should fight WBO cruiserweight champion Lawrence Okolie. Boxing News 24 had Mchunu winning He was the better fighter of the two, but the two judges that gave it to the year-old Makabu were impressed with his power and the pressure that he put on the challenger Mchunu. If Canelo is interested in ilunga makabu vs thabiso mchunu a sixth division world title should he get past WBC cruiserweight champion Makabu in May, Trevor Bryan would be the ideal champion at heavyweight for him to target.

Okpekpe race organisers shower praise on police, DSS.Ilunga 'Junior' Makabu enjoyed a repeat win over a familiar foe in hopes that it will lead to the biggest prize in the sport. And this type of robbery can happen legally, without a cent having to change hands. It appeared that the knockdown came after the round had ended, but oh well. The year-old southpaw defended his WBC cruiserweight title for the second time with a questionable twelve-round.

At least by picking one of them, Canelo will receive credit from boxing fans for showing courage. Makabu Round 9 Both men come out to the center of the ring and fight in the pocket, both landing to the body and head in combination, Mchunu starts to gas after attempting a last stand, Makabu backs him along the ropes walking him down and nailing him bombing him with lefts, Mchunu hits him with a low blow, ref warns Mchunu, Makabu comes out after a few seconds to rest and nails Mchunu automatically with a low blow to pay him back, ref warns Makabu, bell sounds.

Round 1 Thabiso popping Makabu west virginia gaming commission with his straight left snapping Makabu's head back over and over, largely a feel out round from Makabu studying him trying to get Mchunu's rhythm down, he threw little although his output picked up towards the end. CafeMay 26, RobneyMay 26, Been waiting on this one for awhile, props for linking to it!! RockMay 26, Here's my RBR for it if anyone cares, although you probably don't.

Shakur Stevenson vs. Latest news. He lost the remaining rounds before being knocked out. Athletics U. Tennis Rafael Nadal to play Wimbledon after nerve-numbing radio frequency treatment eases pain in his foot Sports News - June 17, Tennis it looked like a heart attack, it was just a panic attack Sports News - June 17, Sports News - June 17, MMA I am a lion. DrMoMay 26, IntentionalButtMay 26, Awesome lol, thanks man.

RockMay 26, You can only see his picks at SportsLine. Visit SportsLine now to see the best bets for Saturday, all from the CBS combat sports specialist who crushed his boxing picks inand find out. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? The judges obviously gave Makabu the benefit of the doubt in giving him the close rounds, but you could easily have given those rounds to Mchunu.

CafeMay 26, RobneyMay 26, Been waiting on this one for awhile, props for linking to it!! The views expressed in all articles are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of Boxing News 24 or its affiliates.

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Southampton confirm Gavin Bazunu signing from Man City. Mchunu Round 5 Makabu constantly in Mchunu's face eating counters he backs him to the ropes, they proceed to fight in a phone booth, Mchunu slipping Makabu's shots, and landing crisp one twos in return, Makabu finally starting to find his range and is landing a straight left over the guard of Mchunu, Makabu outworks huim in the second half of the round but a flurries from Mchunu at the end gives it to Mchunu.

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