Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr.: Fight ends in a draw after eight rounds

mike tyson vs roy jones jr money
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We can all use a warm hug — social distancing be damned. We just hit a record, breaking the most PPVs pre-sold digitally in any fight in history. We're sorry, residents of your region are not accepted by this gambling site! Yes, you read that correctly as your nostalgic juices pierced up to your ears. I understand as much as the next person that nostalgia is a beautiful thing.

His blood sample uncovered testosterone levels eight times higher than the usual amount for someone his age and weight!!!

mike tyson vs roy jones jr money

And seeing Jake Paul smash the smaller NBA star will convince a decent percentage of the idiotic public that Logan has a chance. As amazing as Snoop Dogg vs. We can do something good for the world.

What are the rules for Tyson vs. Jones?

  1. The fight was supposed to take place in September but was postponed until November 28, and we have Tyson.
  2. Round-by-round updates and analysis from exhibition fight between boxing legends Mike Tyson and Roy Jones.
  3. Mike Tyson stepped through the ropes in his signature black trunks and heard the opening bell in.
  4. While the bout was officially scored a draw by the WBC judges at ringsidethe general consensus is.
  5. In the 15 years Iron Mike has been retired, I never expected the battered and broken man.
  6. Two of the greatest heavyweight champions of all time will meet in the ring on Saturday, but how.
  7. The former heavyweight champion of the world's return to the ring after a year absence attracted international attention..
  8. It will be an eight two-minute round exhibition bout. We would have preferred to see this bout.

I was just defending myself. McKernan showed a sliver of positive moments, but anytime he tried to jumpstart an attack, Jack immediately jolted his plans — most of the time viciously. Logan Paul official website combined, making it the largest non-professional boxing match of all time.

Boxing Hall of Fame fighter Sugar Ray Leonard is the other analyst on the broadcast, while Showtime staple and mental health advocate Mauro Ranallo is handling play by play. Mike Tyson might be tempted to get back in the ring for a second time especially after the latest revenue figures from his bout with Roy. His exhibition match against Roy Jones Jr.

on Nov. 28 sold more than million pay-per-view buys — priced at $ apiece — according to. Facebook Twitter Show more sharing options Share Close extra sharing options. After the traditional pre-fight pomp and an introduction by Michael Buffer, the something champions both came out throwing punches that evoked echoes of their glorious primes. By Associated Press. Now, this Mike Tyson palazzo resort hotel casino. Mike Tyson's post-fight interview following the Roy Jones match.

Meanwhile, we can anticipate that Iron Mike will look to close the distance and land some heavy hooks of his own all while not allowing Jones to dance out of the way of danger. Jack was awarded three scores of by landing punches — of the power variety — compared to a total of 92 by McKernan. With the chance to make money for himself and for charity, Tyson eventually agreed to take on Jones long after the chance of their dream matchup seemed dashed.

Due to the age difference, I think Conor is more likely to take on more competitive aging fighters like Manny Pacquiao or a rematch with Floyd Mayweather Jr than a full-on exhibition bout with Mike Tyson. I could absolutely see McGregor agreeing to an exhibition bout versus Tyson if the money were right.


Over the next decade or so, all the most successful fight cards will be headlined by novelty acts. Bet Now! It might be worth laying a few bucks on the longshot. Longtime referee Ray Corona will police the action to make sure the fight does not come close to mirroring an actual heavyweight prizefight. Congrats JamaineOrtizR! The action starts at 6 p. If it in fact turns out to be nothing more than a glorified sparring session, I would have to lean toward Jones getting the win by having room to breathe, use his footwork and try to outpoint Tyson.

Round 5: Roy Jones Jr. Mike Tyson is winding up and throwing haymakers. Cormier tries to analyze current events as objectively as possible — a strategy that often enrages loyalists on both the right and the left.

Mike Tyson made a fortune from boxing, but insists he won’t get rich from Roy Jones Jr fight

MikeTyson is high on life, and his latest act begins with a comeback fight at My LATimes profile on Tyson. After all, Mike Tyson said he smoked weed before the Roy Jones fight. Get Picks Today! Both fighters are promising a real fight despite California State Athletic Commission executive director Andy Foster saying they should not intend to hurt each other. Mike Tyson showed glimpses of his destructive prime during the year-old boxing icon's return to the ring for a lively exhibition bout with year-old Roy Jones Jr.

More Sports News Both fighters had impressive moments during a fight that was unofficially ruled a draw by the WBC judges at ringside. Times Events.

mike tyson vs roy jones jr money

More money. There are other professional boxing matches i. The WBC judges declared the fight as a draw. Times Store. His remarks were the best thing about the last PPV and will be a huge selling point for future Tyson events. Both fighters are beginning to breathe heavily at the midway point of the fight.

The fresh visions, like the under-the-bottom-rope vantage point, are adding to the production value and viewing experience. Per Peter, documents provided by the California State Athletic Association show that Tyson and Jones were both guaranteed $1 million for the fight. Knockouts mean nothing, you have to be able to go the distance. Roy Jones Jr. fight purses: Legends make over $1 million, Jake Paul and Nate Robinson just $ Former heavyweight champions.

Throughout various points of the night, Lil Wayne bowed out from his previously agreed upon performance, while Saint Jhn was added to the show as well. Who will have better conditioning for the last four rounds? The first time was ina year and a half after Tyson was released from prison.

mike tyson vs roy jones jr money

As you can see in the tweet above from Joe Pompliano, who writes the very popular Huddle Up newsletter about money in sports, it's being.But with the more recent announcement of judges and a special belt up for grabs, we will in fact get a true winner. More Articles by the Author willcormier thesportsgeek. In Tyson, you have the most ferocious heavyweight in boxing history.

Jones walked to the ring with gloves and trunks honoring Lakers legend Kobe Bryant, while Tyson wore his signature all-black trunks. Undercard I will admit if the undercard were decent, I would have probably tuned in to watch.

Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr.: How much money will they make?

Need more winning picks? Saturday night you said you were ready to fight me, so sign the contract and get in the ring, Tyson. They also tied up frequently on the inside, and their occasionally labored breathing could be heard on the microphones in the empty arena. Sure, Jake Paul has been boxing for a couple of years now, but surely a super-athlete would be able to close that gap with six months or so of training, right?

Yahoo Journalist Kevin Iole had previously reported that the year-old Mike Tyson will take home as much as $10 million while "Iron Mike's". The contest will be a maximum of eight rounds, as opposed to the 12 rounds championship-caliber fighters go. As this article highlights, we have not seen the last high-profile exhibition bout between fan-favorite year-olds. Roy Jones was a good local opponent for Mike, but a fight with me would be a global event, and the only fight that anyone wants to see is a fight between us.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Despite their age, both men lasted eight. Re-watching the contests, the headbutts looked intentional to me. As part of his comeback exhibition fight against Roy Jones Jr., Mike Tyson will reportedly take home a guaranteed $10 million. PaulRobinson pic. Thoughts on the jakepaul finish?

Tyson landed some lefts to end the round, and embraced Jones afterward in a good show of sportsmanship. The Best Boxing Betting Sites! Holyfield has already beaten Mike twice. Riddick Bowe and Mike Tyson both grew up in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn and have always shared a lot in common. Tyson and Jones are going to be mixing it up in a practice session in an empty arena, and some of the proceeds will go to charity.

Maybe we can do it again. Paul knocked down Robinson in the first round in what appeared to be a shot in the back of the head. Round 3: Signs of Father Time are beginning to show. Tyson and Jones fought eight two-minute rounds, and both emerged smiling and apparently healthy from a highly unusual event at Staples Center. Fun fight, wish we had seen it about 15 years ago but here we are.

We can do something good for the world. The Voluntary Anti-Doping Assn. Investing Club.Round-by-round updates and analysis from exhibition fight between boxing legends Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. The fight ended in a draw after eight rounds. The California State Athletic Commission will not be scoring the fight or announcing a winner. Finally free of his sport's relentless pressure, Tyson gradually straightened out his life, kicking a self-described drug addiction and eventually succeeding in acting, stage performance, charity work and even marijuana cultivation while settling into comfortable family life in Las Vegas with his third wife and their children.

booksaveur.com › /11 › mike-tyson-vs-roy-jones-jr-how. But the two Americans have a combined age of Just let that sink in for a second. Wiz Khalifa surely made aspiring marijuana mogul Mike Tyson proud by smoking a blunt in the middle of his three-song set. Jones, 51, reportedly made $3 million. Of course, you would have to give the speed advantage to Roy Jones Jr. That said, the showboating antics that Captain Hook uses in the ring represent a dangerous game to play with a power puncher like Tyson.

Poor Nate got smashed and became the biggest meme of since Tiger King. I hope we break all records and do five million PPV buys. Millions of people have already forked out to witness this bout. The upstart Sacramento-based McKernan, a one-time Marine, was clearly outmatched throughout the fight by the two-division champion Jack, who is signed to Floyd Mayweather Jr.

The year-old Jack 13 KOs employed a vicious body attack on year-old McKernan6 KOs from the beginning, backed up his opponent and wore him down in every facet imaginable. We've got to do this again. Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. The two boxing legends battled to a draw. Two Legends It would be wrong of anyone to brush off what both fighters have achieved in boxing. Grab a beer, sit back, and enjoy.

And like clockwork, Holyfield butted him several times in the early rounds. I'm cool with a draw. The two camps are negotiating the third bout, which was initially expected to take place in Fury is a year-old current heavyweight champion still in his prime. He has the capability to knock out any man on the planet and he still looks explosive on the pads. Mario Lopez will host the event and move the show along, surely hoping neither Tyson or Jones need mike tyson vs roy jones jr money get saved by the bell at any point.

Of course, the pay-per-view did more than raise money for charity; it was immensely successful financially. Tito Ortiz still has some name value but will keep things light and easy for an exhibition. Tyson tagged Jones with body shots and a handful of head punches during a bout that was required to be a fairly safe glorious sparring session by the California State Athletic Commission. Just as it was planned in the exhibition. What a finish! A lot of the back and forth between Foster, Kavanaugh and the craps don t strategy were detailed in our advance feature, which can be read here:.

Mike Tyson vs. Tyson Fury knocked out Deyonta Wilder in his most recent fight. Mike Tyson vs.

Boxing: Mike Tyson-Roy Jones Jr. reportedly brought in $80M

Tyson is expected to earn £milion and Jones, who last fought in , £m but Tyson, 54, has already said he plans to give his money away.Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr. Odds: A Boxing Betting Breakdown As part of his comeback exhibition fight against Roy Jones Jr., Mike Tyson will reportedly take home a guaranteed $10 million. As you can see in the tweet above from Joe Pompliano, who writes the very popular Huddle Up newsletter about money in sports, it's being.

Tyson intends to fight in more exhibitions next year, perhaps heading to Monte Carlo next to challenge a European fighter. After a two-year hiatus, the Warriors are back on top of the NBA after they beat the Celtics in Game 6 to win their fourth title in eight years. Business Visionaries. The name of Mike Tyson is substantial in mainstream pop culture.

Tyson and Jones both benefited from those buys. Despite their age, both men lasted eight rounds. Given the financial success of the Jones fight, Tyson has every incentive in the world to hold a rematch against Evander Holyfield. The fight was called after that, giving Holyfield the win.

Not that winning or losing was the purpose of the event. Thankfully, we have some sort of active fighters getting a spotlight. We can do something good for the world. Tyson and Jones fought eight two-minute rounds, and both emerged smiling and apparently healthy from a highly unusual event at Staples Center Saturday night. Back then, Mike expressed reluctance to face the Bowe, who he considered a friend.

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The oddsmakers think Evander Holyfield is the likeliest next opponent for Mike Tyson. No Winner There will be no judges at ringside scoring the bout. By Manouk Akopyan. Will Cormier is a sports and political betting writer living in downtown Las Vegas, Nevada. Snoop Dogg, a celebrity investor in Triller, was featured in the pay per view as a commentator before crooning some of his classics.

Jones is a former four-weight world champion who possessed talent and ring generalship that few will ever match. Insert Logan Paul, a YouTube celebrity and amateur boxer with a whopping two fights under his belt! Bowe was a highly anticipated super fight that never materialized. And we decided to tell its story from the point of view of an old mermaid.

In the 90s, when they were each in their primes, Tyson vs. We should be seeing baccarat dealer rules more minutes of this. Nate Robinson is an elite athlete, one of the few able to reach the NBA. Do you understand how much explosive, fast-twitch muscle fiber that takes?! In my own humble opinion this next ruling is the most baffling. Neither of these over year-olds should be competing in anything more than a glorified sparring match.

Skip Navigation. Special Supplements. According to Yahoo Sports' Kevin Iole, Mike Tyson is set to make $10 million from the fight, while Roy Jones Jr. will make around $3 million. Both fighters appear gassed and are doing the best they can at this point. UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya has been a surprise and welcome addition so far in the broadcast booth in his analyst role.

So, that demonstrates a certain willingness to do business with Briggs. Learn how your comment data is processed. He could get into range and mix it up a little inside and keep the fight exciting for the fans. Tyson is favored to win. About Us. B2B Publishing. Sadly, a rematch between Paula Jones vs.

Like Khalifa, he also lit up. Its success will undoubtedly start a new trend: legends boxing. Jack got back in the win column after going in his last three fights, scoring his first victory since Mike Tyson's getting ready Irvin Gonzalez and Edward Vazquez kicked off the undercard action in a barnburner of an eight-round featherweight bout that featured each of them throwing exactly punches.

Nobody is going to walk away disappointed. In the first moment of adversity, Tyson accidentally head-butted Jones, but both fighters appeared to be fine. Well, that was surprisingly entertaining! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. We are supposed to all stand with each other through the good, bad and ugly. Although, I must say: Interestingly, Mike is a heavy favorite if Tyson vs.

Fortunately for the two combatants, more people will buy the fight to see the loud-mouth YouTuber anti online gambling law than will actually believe he has a chance in hell of beating the all-time boxing great. Your email address will not be published. But you never know! Any boxing fan who came of age after Tyson retired from boxing in had never seen a live fight from the legendary figure — and within the bounds of this event, Tyson delivered.

Visit Site.The boxing legends will face each other in an exhibition fight in Los Angeles on 12 September. Jones, 51, has been more active, albeit against low-level opposition, and was last in action when he beat Scott Sigmon in February He has recently been training middleweight contender Chris Eubank Jr. As expected, the British fighter is backing his coach….purse, prize money. Throughout the first fight, Evander Holyfield and Tyson clashed heads, badly rocking the latter.

Tyson posted a video of himself hitting pads on social media early in the coronavirus pandemic, and the overwhelming public response led to several lucrative offers for a ring comeback. Paul then emphatically ended matters for Robinson, who fell face-first into the canvas, prompting Taylor to immediately wave off the fight without a count.

Tyson went mike tyson vs roy jones jr money to face Holyfield while Bowe took on Andrew Golota, and by the time the dust settled, both men were shells of their former selves. Robinson was clearly shaken and his eyes were glazed, but he was questionably allowed to continue.

Tonya Harding was never in the cards. Mike Tyson would be, the rapper is far too valuable as a commentator to put into the ring. After all, when was the last time any of us ordered a Tyson PPV without regretting it? The fight goes the distance, as was originally planned, and the fight mostly unfolds as a glorified and entertaining sparring match.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If a person has a massive following and zero chance of hurting him in the ring, Floyd will fight them. I might just be taking this a bit seriously. Yahoo Journalist Kevin Iole had previously reported that the year-old Mike Tyson will take home as much as $10 million while "Iron Mike's". Tyson, 54, and Jones, 51, each were guaranteed $1 million, according to documents provided by the California State Athletic Association, which.

Mike Tyson returned to the ring for the first time since to fight fellow legend Roy Jones Jr. in an exhibition bout in California, one that. Having squashed an MMA fighter and a kickboxer under his preferred mike tyson vs roy jones jr money rules, it was time for Floyd to find his next tomato can cash cow. Before I games that pay real money on paypal to the Tyson betting odds, I have to make two points:.

Roy Jones Jr event received over 1. Holyfield III does happen. Since the fight was not scored by the California State Athletic Commission, as planned, and no official decision is announced by the state, ring announcer Michael Buffer congratulates everyone and throws it back to the broadcast crew.

Round 7: Roy Jones Jr. It looks like a cheetah looking to pounce on a lion. Vazquez1 KOs made the punches he landed count and scored a split decision win with two scores of Gonzalez11 KOs also was awarded a score of in the close and hotly contested fight. TysonJones is scored a draw!

mike tyson vs roy jones jr money

All Sections. The Ugandan suffered a seventh-round knockdown due to a body shot, and the fight was stopped moments after Ortiz unleashed a barrage of punches on the just-fallen fighter in the waning seconds. Odds Shark Staff Thu, Jun 16, pm. Robinson was in danger of suffering a knockout but got up before referee Thomas Taylor counted to Robinson momentarily calmed his nerves and survived the round to see the second, but he was knocked down again moments into it with an overhand right from Paul.

Who wanna see me LIve?? Roy Jones Jr. The television broadcast features a mostly sleek, silver and black look that would make late Raiders owner Al Davis proud. The fight did over 1. It takes a lifetime of experience to reach or overcome the level of pugilistic mastery possessed by Money Mayweather. Apparently, Nate thought it was a smart idea to lunge face-first at his opponent with his guard down.

Hot Property. Over the past few years, Mayweather has mike tyson vs roy jones jr money maneuvered from one absurdly low risk, high reward contest after another. Tyson said he no longer had "the fighting guts or the heart" after he quit in a dismal loss to journeyman Peter McBride in his final bout. Roy Jones Jr spent most of his career competing at middleweight and Mike was always a small heavyweight anyway, so the matchup was perfect.

The big question is, unlike with most of our UFC fight asnalysishow serious and how competitive this fight will be. And the hits keep on coming for legitimate boxing! Millions of people have already tuned in to watch the Paul brothers, KSI, and his little brother Deji fight in recent years. We are talking about one of the best ever to do it — size and age will be non-factors.

That said, Snoop is pretty nice with his hands! The broadcast crew wonders if they should hold a bit less? Firstly, there is strictly no knockouts aloud. We decided to make the mermaid speak to us. The idea of a boxing comeback seemed preposterous, but Tyson started toward this unlikely fight when he started doing 15 daily minutes on a treadmill a few years ago at his wife's urging in a bid to lose pounds.

Read Review. Business Visionaries. Former super middleweight and light heavyweight titlist Badou Jack showed his superior championship pedigree and stopped Blake McKernan in a one-sided, unanimous decision. French Montana kicked off the music portion of the night with a profanity-laced performance rapping a few of his bangers, setting the TV-MA tone for the night. DraftKings is an official sponsor of the fight and is taking betting action in Illinois, New Jersey and New Hampshire.

He looked a shadow of his best as he lost to Irishman Kevin McBride. Tyson and Jones negotiated with the California commission over the limitations of their bout, eventually arriving at eight two-minute rounds of hard sparring with only ceremonial judging and no official winner. Jones likes to keep his hands low and then use his outstanding lateral movement to create angles and land his accurate power hooks.

Tyson was the busier fighter, but none of the punches he threw had bad intentions, which is exactly how this exhibition is designed to play out. Tyson, 54, reportedly made $10 million as a result of the fight. The workouts soon became multi-hour affairs encompassing biking, running and finally punching as he regained a measure of his athletic prime through discipline and lucky dragon las vegas vegan diet.

If this is something that excites you, great. The fight ended in a draw.While the bout was officially scored a draw by the WBC judges at ringsidethe general consensus is that Iron Mike won handily. Whatever the case, Mike came into their rematch wary of it happening again. Both fighters had impressive moments during ufc moreno vs figueiredo fight that was unofficially ruled a draw by the WBC judges at ringside.

Who ya got? Roy Jones Jr not so much Tyson tagged Jones with body shots and a handful of head punches during a bout that was required to be a fairly safe glorious sparring session by the California State Athletic Commission.